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War on Yemen Murders Children : Irish Newpaper

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Aug ,12 \ NewNews
The Irish Times newspaper, citing the joint statement by directors of the three United Nations organizations on dire humanitarian situation in Yemen, criticized Saudi-backed coalition.

“What happens today in Yemeni interior is because the Saudi attacks , more than 80 percent of children,” the Irish Times said, referring to a joint statement by the directors of the three UN organizations on the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen and criticizing the Saudi-backed coalition. Yemenis are in desperate need of immediate assistance.

The war on Yemen has destroyed all economic and social infrastructure in the country. War has threatened the lives of millions of Yemenis, especially children and women, because of the malnutrition that led to outbreak of cholera.

“War on Yemen is against children who are dying from time to time because of malnutrition, and worse, the problem has been exacerbated by cholera epidemic,” UN expert said.

Yemeni children are not only victims of direct attacks on Saudi missiles, but many are at risk of dying as a result of the indirect consequences of war and dangers they pose.

The report of UN expert pointed to dangers imposed by this war on children and the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen: Two years of fighting between Saudi and Yemeni popular committees forces have resulted in sacrifice of Yemen to a large number of its citizens and a massive wave of displacement and famine in country .

The international expert commented on his field observations in Yemen: It is enough to look at hospitals and health centers in Yemen to realize Yemeni mother’s desperate feeling when she looks at her sick son and shed tears on him.

The newspaper stressed that humanitarian situation in Yemen is a serious crisis and heavy burden on this country, which can not imagine human mind that it has reached this point, a crisis is even more serious than Syrian crisis or any crisis occurred in a part of the ground, which, unfortunately no one cares .


Lamees Al-atab



Lamees Al-atab

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