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Euro News: What is the Role of British and American in the Humanitarian Disaster in Yemen?

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Aug ,10 \NewNews

Euro News agency said in an article, United States and Britain are contributing to the humanitarian disaster in Yemen by providing military equipment and military support to Saudi alliance.

The report said that much of current humanitarian crisis in Yemen is a result of approach taken by Saudi-led coalition, where both America and Britain provide the military support for Saudi Arabia, and this alliance contributes the humanitarian disaster in Yemen.

United States and Britain contributed to disaster by providing military equipment and military support to the coalition forces. In these deadly attacks, many hospitals, schools, water facilities, farms and markets were bombed, and even Yemeni main port , in fact, even the delivery of essential supplies, including fuel, food and emergencies medical , Do not reach the victims of aggression and air strikes.

According to official reports, outbreak of cholera is only part of humanitarian crisis in the impoverished country. As a result of Saudi coalition, many doctors plus to 20,000 health workers in government hospitals stopped working because their salaries are not paid for more than a year, in addition, nearly 50% hospitals out of work, not to mention shortage of manpower, doctors and equipment, Thus, two-thirds of the country’s population, nearly 19 million people in Yemen, They need one way or another to relief and suffer four Half a million Yemeni children from malnutrition.

United Nations humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Jimmy McGoldrick, condemned on Monday the ongoing Saudi crimes in Yemen, saying that what Riyadh is doing is an example of “brutality” of conflict, McGoldrick confirmed that the air strikes by the aircraft of Saudi aggression An example of “disregard” for the safety of civilians, the UN official quoted reports to other relief organizations that civilians were killed and wounded ten in northern province of Saada after attacks on a house and a private car.



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