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US Ambassador Evades the Consequences of Massacres , Failures in the War on Yemen

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Aug ,9 \NewNews

The statements made by US Ambassador “Matthew Toller” , who is based in Riyadh, on the developments in Yemen and the region are only a process of disclaimer and present his country as if it is far from this war and its operations.

US ambassador disclaims and tries to present his country as if it is far from this war and its operations to be away of its responsibility toward the humanitarian crisis

“The United States has no tools to play a role in a cease-fire or to go to negotiations between the fighters in Yemen,” Toller told Public National Radio.

Observers considered that the statement is completely contradicts America’s claim to the so-called legitimacy, as well contradicts with international resolution 2216, which states that the international community supports the government of Hadi and its military part.

Observers pointed out that the statement dropped the support of his country to its allies and the allies of Saudi Arabia.They said ,the time of his statement is not to give up its tools , but US doesn’t want to be responsible for the humanitarian crisis as its tools collapse.

America wants to preserve its interests in any future political settlement.

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