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The Tribes appeal Al-Syed Abudlmalik to make a Final Discussion against USA Intervening

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Under the title ” USA Rejects Peaceful Solutions in Yemen'”, sons of Wes, Al-Muamer , Al-Mawrah , Al-Osime , and Al-Najrah Villages organize a protest against USA intervening to cancel any peaceful and political solutions in Yemen .

Sir: Abdulkarim Jabhan “The directorate General Supervisor ” , Sir: Mujahd Al-Nuseri , Sir: Ali Qaid “The head of Revolution committee” , Sir: Sameer Abo Ali , and many of the local council members appealed Al-syed Abulmalik Al-Huthi to continue the fighting at the borders fronts with Saudi enemy.

* They confirmed at the protest statement on many points:

1- USA is the responsible for the discussion’s failure that it is against the peaceful solutions in Yemen.

2- We condemn the military escalation by USA-KSA aggression . The escalation is expressing the lack of real willing to place peace in Yemen.

3-As long as the aggression continue in its military escalation , the army and the public committees have the right to escalate in all the fighting fronts.

4-We condemn what is happening to our brothers in Al-Sarari village in Taiz province who face the most heinous crimes .

5- We condemn what our brothers in Syria are facing by terrorist groups.

6- We are calling and asking all our Yemeni people to stand strict against the aggression’s mercenaries , and to support the fighting fronts by fighters , weapons ,and money  .


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