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Russian Expert: Saudi Arabia Can not Defeat Yemen

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July , 31\NewNews

One of the Russian military experts said Yemenis are the best fighters in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia can not defeat them.

A Russian expert: Saudi Arabia can not defeat Yemen .. Yemenis are the best fighters and were able to transfer the war to its territory

In an exclusive interview with Russian expert “Ivan Konovalov”, he considered that Yemenis have a long history of using missiles. This gives them strengths in their struggle with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through their experience and efficiency in modernizing missiles and upgrading their capabilities, As well as their accuracy in their use and beating to achieve direct injuries.

Konovalov stressed that the Saudi-led coalition forces had reached a dead end. “Saudi Arabia is at a standstill for one reason: it will never defeat the Houthis,” he said. Houthis are the best warriors in the Middle East. ” Yemenis transferred the war to Saudi territory itself.

The talk here is not about rocket strikes alone. “They managed to organize guerrilla operations in the Yemeni provinces of Asir, Jizan and Najran, which were annexed by Saudi Arabia in 1934. But their inhabitants are still Yemenis. “.”

The strategic analyst, Sergey Seriprov, said that the use of rockets by Yemenis is not futile. It is through these missiles that Yemenis shed light on their case and the war against them, as well as a critical and enthusiastic factor for the Yemenis themselves to feel proud ,just and fair In front of a force that is more superior to them.

He said that Saudi Arabia’s support of an illegitimate authority that does not have absolute legitimacy and its arming of internal Yemeni extremist groups as well igniting sectarian and sectarian conflicts will not lead to Saudi Arabia’s achievement, otherwise ,will fuel the fire that could reach Saudi Arabia itself.

“The war in Yemen is threatening Saudi Arabia more than ever. After the drop in oil prices and the rising military costs of the Saudi army, Yemen has become a strategic force in the region,” he said. All this will destabilize the entire region and we can expect the continuation of the Arab Spring, but in the Gulf countries this time. ”



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