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Murdered Humanity



In the name of Allah

To the United nations in its 10th celebration of the global day of human rights **

Subject: Murdered Humanity

Written by: Fawzia Abdulwahab Alshahari

Translated by: Zainab Abdulwahab Alshahari

The world of technology is a world of fast rolling episodes. You can know most of what is going around in this spacious globe by pressing a button, All what are for human’s welfare and comfort are all being invented. This is today’s world which was done by human for whom and by was done. But I am really confused.

A world which is for the human and his avail. However, I ask myself; where is the human? Where is the conscience in today’s human? Where is his heart, emotions and feelings? My homeland is being smashed over for nine months in front of all the world. Photos are being repeated so are sequential views which tear the hearts deeply viewed. They let you feel sore. Families are destroyed. People are sequashed and torn into pieces, shedding blood, and ruins and destruction everywhere.

All types of arms have been tried even the forbidden ones internationally. Oh human! Do not those scenes hound you? Don’t they agitate your feelings? Do not you shed tears on unguilty children where as the murder’s addicted criminal practice killing people professionally as their hobby every day. They distribute murders as if they are offering Eid’s presents. What do you do in order not to be affected by those painful scenes? Do you turn off the channel? Do you avoid reading? Do you avert your eyes? Did not stuck in your mind any pictures, at least the child whose legs have been amputated? Don’t the moans of a girl whose body has been burned and the screams of others who have been fully burned by forbidden weapons vibrate in your ears? Don’t you be shocked by a scene of a baby who was left alone after the death of his entire family? She won’t know where is her family in her life and why did they go without her? Where is her mother’s warm lap and her father’s love? Where is the safety of her home?

Have you shut down your eyes for a few seconds to feel the pain of your brother in humanity who lost in a trice all his family? An affectionate mother who enlightened his path by her prayers for him. A patient wife with whom he shared life in its ups and downs. Children with whom he felt alive and happy. He lost everything. His life became meaningless. He will collect them all by his hands and bury them. Now he has none, they all have been killed! Have you tried to live the sensation of a woman who lost her memory as a result of the horrible air plane’s strikes so she couldn’t recognize herself or where is she?

Have you ever felt the meaning of displacement? The feeling when a whole family live in one room in case its entire members still alive? Assuming there would be a room, otherwise, they are going to live in the open air suffering from the bitter cold winter? They have lost the meaning of life even if we see them alive. Have you realized the suffering of people who search for a piece of bread every day ? However, that piece of bread is no more available, because the siege damages everything severely increasing the suffering of people, so who haven’t been killed by the raids is going to be starving to death. Tell me, Oh human, how can you live and ignore as if it does not interest you? I address your humanity.

The humanity will judge you and your history as well. Our homeland is being killed in vain. It gets tragedies every moment waiting for humanity to provide him helping; however, it didn’t, waiting for Justice to right him, nonetheless, it didn’t. Why do you watch silently and until when are you going to stay mum! Here in the homeland of faith, we are going to teach the world of technology the meaning of human. We have not, will not or intend to forget. Despite all our hurts, our life will continue. We will not leave our killers free. Our sons and daughters will grow up and take revenge from all the invaders  the mercenaries and traitors.

Yemeni people do not leave their revenge any way. Although all the tragedies we lived , we are going to win. Our pains will turn into great fire that will burn our killers and our martyrs’ blood will be the fuel for that fire. We do trust and believe that Allah is with us. By our hands we are going to write the melody of our decent honorable life. Furthermore, we are going to write on the lofty tops of our mountains; “Here is Yemen “. Humanity was totally killed by the Alliance Forces’ hands supported by the most criminal forces in the world. However; what makes us at ease is that in Yemen’s land is the graveyard for all the invaders.

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