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The Supreme Political Council Condemns Saudi Arabia’s Recruiting the Holy Places .

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July ,31\ NewNews

The highest political Council in the meeting with the head of council Salah Al – Sumad ridiculed the Saudi-led coalition’s pretensions that missile force targeted Mecca .

The supreme Political Council in Sana’a

It also condemned the dishonorable recruiting for Islamic holy to incites Muslims in Al Hajj season against Yemeni people who consider the protecting of Mecca and Al Madeena is one of their holy responsibility next to their defense of their home and dignity against the aggression force led by Saudi and Emarat that kills Yemenis as well destroys infrastructure. The meeting indicated, Saudi crimes against pilgrims is unprecedented especially Yemeni pilgrims.

It highlighted the new military events in various fronts, it praised the victorys that popular committee and Yemeni army have achieved in Jizan and whole fronts , as well as the development that naval force accomplished as well its latest achievement of protecting western coast and waters regionalism.

He looked at memorandum that came of Repaying the injustices agency, then agreed what came legally. The memorandum glanced at the true validation judgment which condemned Mohammed Al Mojaheed who killed the child “Ranaa Yahya Al Hadi Almatri”, and punished him of execution.

The council approved to convert the other similitude issues to the agency of Repaying the Injustices to store and categorize it then expose it to the council.

On other side, the council displayed the vision of dealing with foreign affairs. It also agreed its study as contribution in supporting the stability, steadiness.

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