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Protest Demands to Reveal the Yemeni Prisoners’ Fate in the UAE Prisons in Yemen

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July,19 \NewNewss

The families of Yemeni prisoners in the prisons of the coalition carry out a protest on Tuesday morning in front of the headquarters of the Red Cross in Sana’a, demanding the organization to move to restore the rights of prisoners that looted in the prisons of the coalition especially in UAE prisons.

The families of the detained protested in front of the headquarters of the Red Cross

The families of the disappeared prisoners presented a letter to the organization, asking the organization to follow the rights of the looted prisoners and to hold accountable those who violated their rights as well the violators of international laws which designed for prisoners and detainees.

The families of the prisoners confirmed in their letter that the rights of their detained sons have looted by hiding them from their families and severing the contact with them, which is contrary to the laws of detention imposed by UN for prisoners and detainees.

The families raised their complaints to the organization ,demanding to search for their sons and where they are hidden by the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen in order to reassure them and to know their health and psychological cases and how they deal with them inside these prisons.

Some of the prisoners who were released from the prisons of the coalition forces transferred their suffering and their colleagues in those prisons, which was condemned by the international community and rejected by human rights organizations.

The media and human rights organizations have launched their campaigns last week to denounce the UAE after revealing illegal and immoral practices towards Yemeni prisoners and detainees in their prisons, which increased the fears of the prisoners’ families and disappeared ,so they turned to the Red Cross to search for their sons and know their fate in the alliance’s prisons .

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