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Supreme Court in London Participates in Killing the Children in Yemen : Report

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July ,17 \NewNewss

A cluster bomb from the remnants of the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen in the northern province of Saada exploded in three children as young as 12 years old, killing one of them and injuring the other two seriously.

The bomb exploded during the children: Shahab Saleh Hamoud Massad “3 years” and Yasser Ahmed Hassan Massad “8 years” and Amat alelah Hassan Matar, “12 years” were playing in an area that had been bombed by coalition aircraft dozens of previous raids and dropped cluster bombs, While others of the bombs still threaten residents of the region and nearby areas, especially children who do not distinguish between danger and safety

The explosion of the bomb led to the martyrdom of the child, “Yasser Ahmed Hassan Massad,” 8 years “and the other two, seriously injured. Many of the cluster bombs belonging to the remnants of the coalition in the province of Saada, which has been subjected to barbaric and destructive since the beginning of the war of the coalition on Yemen in March 2015 exploded, leaving martyrs and wounded from Children and Women On Sunday In 11-6-2017, two children were wounded in a district of Wadea district by the explosion of a cluster bomb left by the coalition targeting Yemeni civilians, including children and women, and causing bodily harm and mutilations if they do not kill the target.

Human rights organizations, including Human Rights, Amnesty International and World Health, condemned the use of internationally banned weapons, including cluster bombs, to kill civilians in Yemen and provided detailed UN reports on the use of these weapons by the Coalition for accountability for human rights abuses in Yemen.
Human rights groups called on the United States and the United Kingdom to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia, which it uses to violate human rights in Yemen and other countries and to support terrorism worldwide.

Human Rights Watch said that Saudi Arabia should not have a place in the UN Human Rights Council because of its continuing human rights abuses and using of all kinds of weapons to kill humanity. “The United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of the Alliance’s supporters should send a clear message to Saudi Arabia that they do not want to participate in these crimes, “Yemeni civilians should not be left in the face of this madness for even a moment.”


London’s Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by human rights activists to stop the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia used to kill civilians in Yemen, Which was denounced by dozens of human rights organizations including Amnesty International and British parliamentarians. Dozens of Saada children with Saudi Arabia have been killed and wounded by cluster bomb blasts in the area, which coalition planes have still cast till now.



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