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Government of Hadi ,UAE Do not Respond to Messages of Secret Prisons in South Yemen: HRW

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July, 15 \NewNewss

A human rights activist told Human Rights Watch that government of Hadi, and UAE authorities, has not refuted its report on secret prisons in south Yemen.

Reports reveals that UAE has secret prisons at South Yemen

“They have sent letters to the government of Hadi and UAE government, opposing their findings on secret prisons and demanding a response,” said activist Christine Beckerley in an article posted on organization’s website , adding that “none of them response” .

She pointed out that organization was subjected to a “public attack”, against the backdrop of disclosure of the role of UAE and its Yemeni allies in the cases of concealment and torture in Aden and Hadramout, speaking of Yemeni news sites leaked a copy of her passport, “and claimed that we conducted the search at request of officials Yemenis support Qatar or Yemeni Islah Party ».

As she added that these sites «claimed that we have exercised different ways to enter the country, and dissemination of false information for political purposes, in order to weaken UAE».

“We were hoping to visit Aden to discuss our concerns with officials, but our use of United Nations flights was temporarily suspended,” she said. “We later learned that Saudi-led coalition restricted access to Yemen.”

“One of many costs of the war in Yemen is the disappearance of space available to local civil society,” Beckerley said. “Yemeni activists, journalists, lawyers and jurists fear daily arrest, fear defamation campaigns and targeted violence, and join the list of disappeared in Yemen.”

Human Rights Watch said last month that “UAE is supporting Yemeni forces that have been arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared dozens of people during security operations.”

She said;
“UAE funds, armors and trains these forces, which are ostensibly fighting Yemeni branches of al-Qaeda or ISIS organization,”.


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