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848 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen: Marib : The warplanes of the Saudi-led Coalition targeted its mercenariesin Salib mountain with air strike.
Yemen: Saada: The US-KSA aggression warplanes launched two air raids on the city and its surroundings .
Yemen :ALjawf: The artillery of the Saudi mercenaries bombarded the civilians’ houses which led to wound a little girl in Almton district .
Yemen: Taiz: an air strike for the aggression jets on Albarah area of Maqbna district .
Yemen: Shabwa: Two air raids for the aggression’s warplanes on Asaq area of Aselan district .
Scores of the aggression’s mercenaries and Sudanese soldiers were killed and injured in defeating their infiltration toward Midi desert .
Yemen: Taiz : The Yemeni army and public forces killed and injured five Saudi mercenaries in Ashaqb area of Saber district.
Najran: The Yemeni sniper sniped three Saudi soldiers at Atla’a military base.
UN Calls on Saudi Arabia to Grant Journalists Access to Yemen.
Charities Urge UN to Blacklist Saudi Arabia over Child Killing in Yemen.
Yemen: Aljawf: Destroying a military vehicle for the mercenaries with explosion device and killing its crew .
Jizan: Burning an armory for the Saudi troops with artillery shells at Adafina military position .

Gulf States are the Top in Freedoms’ Suppression: Report

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July ,14 \NewNewss

Human Rights Watch criticized the continuation of the Gulf governments’ to silence their citizens throughout the first half of 2017.

It referred to the decision of imprison a Bahraini activist for two years on charges of “posting false news” on twitter which critic Saudi-led war on Yemen.

*Freedom of Expression is Losing:

Lea Whitson said hundreds of dissidents, including political activists, human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers in various Gulf countries, were imprisoned after unfair trials and were tortured during arresting. The Gulf governments’ policy against activists is threat , detention, torture and nationality withdrawal.

*Black History of Freedoms Robbery:

Some organizations considered that Saudi Arabia has broken all the Guinness Book numbers in its infringement freedoms.

In 2014, a Freedom House organization reported that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are at the top of the list among nations that are the worst in suppressing democratic freedoms and rights.

Saudi Arabia is also subjected to numerous attacks by female activists and women’s rights defenders. This is due to the failure of the Al-Saud system to grant freedoms to women within Saudi Arabia . It is the only country that prevents women from driving cars. As well , travelling or appointment in official circles or the completion of a transaction without man relative .

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