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848 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen: Marib : The warplanes of the Saudi-led Coalition targeted its mercenariesin Salib mountain with air strike.
Yemen: Saada: The US-KSA aggression warplanes launched two air raids on the city and its surroundings .
Yemen :ALjawf: The artillery of the Saudi mercenaries bombarded the civilians’ houses which led to wound a little girl in Almton district .
Yemen: Taiz: an air strike for the aggression jets on Albarah area of Maqbna district .
Yemen: Shabwa: Two air raids for the aggression’s warplanes on Asaq area of Aselan district .
Scores of the aggression’s mercenaries and Sudanese soldiers were killed and injured in defeating their infiltration toward Midi desert .
Yemen: Taiz : The Yemeni army and public forces killed and injured five Saudi mercenaries in Ashaqb area of Saber district.
Najran: The Yemeni sniper sniped three Saudi soldiers at Atla’a military base.
UN Calls on Saudi Arabia to Grant Journalists Access to Yemen.
Charities Urge UN to Blacklist Saudi Arabia over Child Killing in Yemen.
Yemen: Aljawf: Destroying a military vehicle for the mercenaries with explosion device and killing its crew .
Jizan: Burning an armory for the Saudi troops with artillery shells at Adafina military position .

Arabian Ambassador Apologizes to the Israeli Counterpart

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July, 10 \NewNewss

The Israeli ambassador of UNESCO revealed his agreement with the ambassador of an Arab country which does not have diplomatic relations with his country to vote against Palestine’s request to involve Hebron and the Ibrahimi Mosque at the World Heritage List.

According “The Hebrew Sites”, the Arab Ambassador in UNESCO thought that the vote would be secret. He promised Tel Aviv’s Ambassador to UNESCO “Shama Hakon” to vote against the Palestinian demand. He sent a letter after the vote to justify the reasons for voting for the Palestinian request.

He said in the apology letter ” he had no choice but to vote for the registration of the city of Hebron and the Ibrahimi Mosque ,and that the atmosphere was very tense. Hakon replied: “I understand that my friend, to me as if you voted for Israel.”

It is noteworthy that UNESCO has recorded Hebron and the Ibrahimi Mosque at the list of world heritage, after the Heritage Committee’s voting to insert them in the 41st Session in Poland.

Meantime, Twelve countries have voted in favor of the Palestinian request, while three have opposed it and six have abstained.

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