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908 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Britain has Sold Saudi Arabia £6bn in Weapons since War on Yemen Began
UK Police Earned Millions Training Saudi Officers in Saudi Repressive Regimes
At UN, Trump Warns US may Have to “Totally Destroy” North Korea
2 Million People Internally Displaced in Yemen: UN
The army and the committees are breaking a large-scale Saudi-UAE attack on al-Huraira in Jizan
UK Signs Arms Deal with Qatar after US Jet Sales
Banning Saudi Arabia from Labour Conference Hints at Corbyn’s likely Tough Stance as PM
China Backs UN Call for Justice in Yemen, US and Saudis Don’t

USA Rejects Peaceful Solutions

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**The Main Points of the Marching Statement :

1- The whole world realize how much the Yemeni people are suffering because of the aggression ,the siege and the huge destruction for every thing .

2- America works hard to prevent any peaceful solutions to stop killing Yemenis .

3- America with its  nasty followers work to push their mercenaries to death in every area of confrontation which becomes mass incinerators for the aggressors .

4- America works to prevent the revenues reaching from southern provinces to the central Bank which is neutral and serve all Yemenis .

5- America works to destroy Yemen by preventing bank transfers and economic restrictions  to enslave Yemenis and occupied the country.

6- Yemen will overcome its suffering , will be more stronger than before and will triumph on the aggressors.

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