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Yemeni Defense Minister Warns Saudi-led Coalition

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June , 30 \NewNewss

The Minister of Defense, General Mohammad Nasser Al-Olifi, warned Saudi-led coalition against the consequences of the continued destruction, killing and crimes against human, land, institutions at the north and south of the country, east and west.

“Our warning today to the forces of aggression is imposed upon us by our religious, military and political faith, especially at this stage in which we have the initiative and control over all theaters of combat operations”, the Defense Minister said during an inspection visit to the heroes of the army and the popular committees today in Dhubab and Hamir districts of Taiz province.

The Brigade saluted the heroic attitudes of the Yemeni forces in the sites and fields of honor , pride and dignity, who have achieved the various victories in different fronts with great efficiency and morale in various circumstances.

“We must realize the gravity of the responsibility we face and it is imperative for us to defend with the firmness of the believer who is with God and the historical course of the country for the people who have been subjected to the challenges to confront all this opportunistic manipulation of the forces of evil and aggression.

“We are confident in the inevitability of victory over the enemies projects and our absolute belief in the ability of our loyal men to continue the march of giving,” he said.

The commander of the fourth military region welcomed the visit of the Minister of Defense and his companions to members of the army and the popular committees and participating them in celebration of Eid al-Fitr and check their status.

He confirmed their readiness to exert more efforts to enhance the combat readiness and morale of the army units of the region and to continue to achieve victories against the forces of aggression and mercenaries and to carry out all military tasks efficiently and efficiently.

While the heroes of the army and the popular committees in the military bases of pride and dignity expressed their thanks and appreciation to the visit of the Minister of Defense and participation celebrations on this occasion in the fields of confrontation. They renewing the covenant to Allah, the nation, the people, and the political and military leadership to provide everything dear and generous, so that Yemen will remain free ,cherished and cherished among nations.

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