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Chinese Ambassador to Yemen Makes a Call with Ansarullah’s Spokesman

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Chinese Ambassador, Ansarullah’s Spokesman

Chinese Ambassador, Ansarullah’s Spokesman

June ,30 \NewNewss
The Chinese Ambassador to Yemen, Tian Chi, conducted a telephone call with the spokesman of Ansarullah and the head of their delegation, Mohamed Abdul Salam.
During the calling, the Chinese ambassador congratulated the Yemeni people on the arrival of Eid Al-Fitr, conveying his greetings for the head of the Supreme Political Council as well as the chairman of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee.
Chi also stressed the solidarity of his country with the Yemeni people in facing the challenges, especially the humanitarian, economic and health concerning, saying that these are catastrophic risks threatening Yemen and the region.
The two sides discussed during the telephone conversation the latest political and negotiating developments and the situation following the Kuwait consultations and the Muscat Agreement.
Abdul Salam renewed adherence to peaceful and political solutions, the most recent of which was the Muscat Agreement; sponsored by the Sultanate of Oman on the basis of a comprehensive solution to the political and security situation in the country.
Tian Chi referred to the efforts that the United Nations should be making in this regard. He reiterated that he would make efforts to compel the United Nations into fulfilling its humanitarian and political obligations towards what he described as the forgotten crisis in the region, hoping that all political parties would meet at the earliest possible time to reach any positive results.
For his part, Abdul Salam expressed his thanks and appreciation for the Chinese Ambassador’s good stance towards the Yemeni people and wished him and the Chinese people progress and prosperity.

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