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Excerpts of Asyed: Abdulmalik Al-Huthi Speech at Al-Quds World Day 22.6 .2017

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June, 26 \NewNewss

The speech of the leader of the revolution, Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Huthi, at Al-Quds World Day is different as the previous ones. It focuses the importance of the Palestinian , Islamic and Arab nation’s issues which Arabs is about to relinquish and give up for the Jews to rape the land of Islam .

in this occasion , He reveals the success factors of the Zionist entity, the weakness of the Arabs and some Muslims in this issue ..

Asyed Abdullmalik Al-Huthi in his speech at Al-Quds World Day 22.6.2017

Here we discussed the most important points that came in his speech :

*There are who moving to spread despairing among the nation, despite the victories’ news.

*There are two factors in the success of the establishment of the Israeli entity: the Arabs backwardness and the lack of their awareness.

*The Jews were scattered and assembled to Palestine to have a homeland and then control the whole region with the so-called Greater Israel.

*Jews have an ambition to have an entity to impose global domination .

*The Jews were keen to have a great motivation in interacting with the idea of gathering from the diaspora to Palestine, which is an instinctive national motivation to have an entity. But there is a major and religious motivation that made as the dynamo that pushing many of them to proceed with all seriousness and concentrated on the Promised Land And the alleged structure.

*The Jews have taken on religious hope and religious motivation, while many of our nation are working to erase the religious impulse.

*Responsibility is part of our religion as prayer is part of our religion.

*The movement of the Jews are serious and organizing and they are moving with great interesting, with connections throughout the world.

*Thousands of years ago, The Jews lived in Yemen and left it despite they lived in the Arab arena under stable conditions in the Islamic world and no one was persecuted them in the entire Arab world.

*They managed to maintain their identity and many of them were not affected by Islam or Muslims and did not merge with Muslims. They lived with a sense that they are not from this nation. This case is lesson for us as Muslims.

*Despite they lived under circumstances that should not make them hate Islam , they had maintained a strong hostility to this nation.

* They were militarily active in Palestine. They formed in groups of bombings ,assassinations and raids against villages and regions then they grew until they became thousands and invaded Palestinian villages and stormed it .

*In return of reviving their military spirit inside them, they domesticated our nation and planted inside the people to move away from readiness to fight.

*The state of military mobilization and combat readiness is a fundamental part of the Jewish culture, policy, direction, and practices, and they take every effort that exists in our nation as it has neither enemies nor danger.

*We are really need for the military mobilization and the combat readiness to face all these dangers that target us from outside the nation, such as the Israeli and from inside our nation like Daashi and others.

*All parties in the world are eager to be strong in their culture, policy and strategy . There are clear dangers that pose a threat and quest to possess the force , but the Arabs are the only ones that are asked to be friendly and being a nation.

*There is an unrelenting effort by the Israelis to acquire arms and force .They fought, displaced, and killed. In contrast, there was weakness Arabs, and the internal Palestinian movement doesn’t rise to the level of danger .A lot have seen dangers in misguided way and not at the challenge level.

*After the establishment of the Israeli entity, after the imposition of the Israeli entity by force and with British and US supporting, the Security Council and the international community supported them. The implantation of this entity was supposed to be an awakening factor for the Muslim and Arab nation.

*The size of the wound of Palestine has not awakened the nation and since that day has not stirred interest the nation as much as it is supposed to have ,not from its elites nor its masses and the situation is still modest.

*Is the Palestinian issue a hot issue for the politics, scholars and cultured ?!!

There is interaction but it is non-productive interaction.

*This event was supposed to be a review factor as well, how the Jews succeeded and became an active entity, and in return there was a formal failure.

*There was a popular success by the resistance movements, which resulted in the liberation of the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah’s achieving in Lebanon. It was supposed to be an important lesson for the nation and a pretext for the people.

*Today, there are two main trends in the reality of the nation: anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, Hezbollah and the resistance movements, and the Iranian attitude in arming and training palestinians . As well as ,the Syrian attitude , which is now punished, and the Yemeni stance against American and Israeli influence. There is an Iraqi voice, and popular voices in many Muslim countries.

*Israel is talking about the Saudi regime and others as part of its common interests and praising their subversive roles in the region.

*Pro-Israel movement is moving in directions, including deflection of the compass of hostility away from Israel and talking about another threat such as the Iranian threat. He moves the link of hostility to other parties.

*Some see in every anti-Israel voice that it is a common danger. If you are a Yemeni, your parents are Yemenis and your attitude is hostile to Israel they will call you an Iranian.

*There are media sounds who embarrass to talk about the Israeli threat and if You talk about Israel they will describe you as an Iranian.

*The pro-Israel trend is moving the nation into problems and conflicts so that everyone forgets Al-Aqsa, Israel and the Palestinian issue .

*Some of the Arab officials began to talk about courting Israel and announcing meetings and cooperation. There is talk from Netanyahu about common interests with Israel.

*The pro-Israel trend is moving to erase the Palestinian issue by besieging the resistance movements, such as Hizbullah threatening as they threat Israel and becoming a strong and advanced front against Israel and seeking to weaken it. Why all these campaigns against Hezbollah and this distortion of Hezbollah?!

*The resistance movements in Palestine in the American Islamic meeting called and described Palestinians as terrorists which supposed to be official.

*In the media level, there are prominent channels for the pro-Israel Arab regime, which have reached interviews with Israeli officials to justify for Israel and to promote Israel. The anti-Israeli channels have been fighting and coming down from satellites.

*At the level of religious level, awareness and mobilizing against Israel have been missed , and have been directed to stir up problems against the people of the nation against the Yemenis and against the Iranians, the Lebanese and the Liberals in Syria, Iraq and Bahrain.

*Our responsibility today is to revive the state of hostility to Israel as an Islamic and religious duty, not just a political choice, but a religious duty, in addition of being a humanitarian and national responsibility.

*The people of Palestine are part of the Islamic nation and we have a religious duty to defend it in the face of the Israeli enemy and the land of Palestine is an Islamic land and we must liberate it.

*The more the nation support the issue , the less the dangers become. If the Arabs went very seriously to support the Palestinian people and confront the Israeli threat ,they will save the region from many dangers, Israel may have been wiped out and finished.

*The nation left Palestine so the conspiracies were taken to invade countries, all of which became non-fortified areas. Everyone must express hostility to Israel and should translate into practical positions.

*Some are trying to prevent you from translating your hostility to Israel into attitudes on the grounds that he is also hostile to Israel. There must be clear positions in support of Hezbollah and resistance movements in Palestine as a direct front against the Israeli enemy.

*We must raise our voices in facing these attempts that want to isolate us from Palestine among our nation then translate our hostility to Israel in our positions, our media , educational activity , our curricula and strengthen it in various activities. We must translate our enmity into the boycott as well, boycott the goods of Israel and US .

*Arab’s oil is the biggest source of supporting for America and Israel, and it appears in secret that there is direct financial support for Israel.

*At the level of our popular reality, we constitute an anti-Israel orientation that has a practical orientation and seeks to expand its activity in the nation and boycott will have a greater impact on Israel .

*Years ago ,there had been discussing by politicians and economists called on the House of Representatives to boycott Israeli and US goods . It should be taken care of and meet ongoing activities in universities and institutions.

*There are alternatives which are not difficult. The problem is very serious. Because you will be written as an Israeli supporter , you can stand up and rely on alternatives.

*The major issues will remain major issues till the Day of Judgment and we will hold them accountable. The boycott is an important issue as well the political and media boycott .

*I tell those who went to normalize relations with Israel, such as the Saudi regime and the UAE, you are heading towards wrong direction and going to lose because America will not appreciate you or Israel. They see in you tools that only exploit them and will be eliminated You soon.

*The US and the Israelis have no vision toward the Saudi and UAE regimes more than Trump’s describing them as cow will be milked after slaughter it .

*Saudi Arabia would have been able to rise more than Japan ,be a sufficient country to provide the necessary needs and be a leading country in the Arab world rather than the fact that it produces milk or makes a plate of rice.

These are the most important points at Asyed Abdulmalik Al-Huthi’s speech . He clarified the main reasons led to penetrating Israel inside the Arab nation . He confirmed that boycott is very important.





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