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Minister of Defense General Mohammad Nasser Al-Atefi

Minister of Defense General Mohammad Nasser Al-Atefi

June, 19 \NewNews

Minister of Defense General Mohammad Nasser Al-Atefi said that the army forces with the popular committees have been able to achieve a military equation, which would impose a new operational and combat field for its benefit in all the theaters of future combat operations.

From now on, the leaders of the alliance against Yemen must realize that our comprehensive strategy in confrontation and defense has the full capacity to control existing and potential hostile tactics.

The new military equation allows the armed forces to carry out offensive and qualitative operations against vital combat targets and important and paralyzed the effectiveness and neutralize the bases of the main departure in the strategic depth hostile,the Defense Minister pointed out in the statement.

The Army and the popular committees continue to develop weapons and regulations, defend the homeland in a respond to the ongoing and daily crimes of the allance against civilians, women and children everywhere in Yemen.It is worth mentioning that the alliance warplanes committed a new massacre today Sunday in a popular market crowded with people in Saada,led to killed 25 Yemeni.

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