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821 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen: Taiz: Eight of the Saudi mercenaries were killed with the fires of the Yemeni forces near Atashrifat military camp in Sala district .
Yemen: Taiz: The US-KSA aggression’s drone launched 3 air strikes on Alwazeiyah district.
Yemen: Saada : An air raid on Shada district by US-KSA fighter jets .
Najran: Sniping a Saudi soldier at the east of Alshabak military base .
Asir: Artillery bombardment targeted Saudi troops at the east of Arabwa area.
Yemen: Marib: More than 21 air strikes were waged on several areas in Serwah district during the past hours .
Najran: Destroying a Saudi military vehicle at the east od Ashabaka military base ,and killed its crew .
“The Saudi Regime Normalizes Openly and Fully with the Zionist Enemy”: President Saleh Al-Sumad
The US State Department Classifies Number of Political Councils in Southern Yemen on the List of Terrorism
Kuwait Hands Over to Qatar List of Demands to Resolve Crisis.

Hundreds of Yemeni children disappeared in Israel, What is their fate?

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Hundreds of Yemeni children disappeared in Israel, What is their fate

Hundreds of Yemeni children disappeared in Israel, What is their fate

June, 19 \NewNews

Hundreds of Yemeni Jewish children have undergone medical tests in Israel in the mid-last century, according to official Israeli documents, a special committee formed last year to follow up the case.

The Israeli Channel 2 showed pictures indicated that the children were subjected to medical tests. The committee also published photographs of some of them naked in rooms similar to scientific laboratories.

The Israeli channel reported the painstaking efforts made by volunteers and the media, confirming the validity of the published evidence on the experiences of the children, and that the Committee on the follow-up to the issue of children reviewed some of their experiences.

In the pictures published by the Israeli media, they appear to be “less stressful” than the rest of their images, “scenes of human feelings,” including pictures showing writings on the bodies of children that indicate the type of experiences they have undergone and the horrors of their suffering.

The case dates back to the 1950s, around 1,000 and 4,500 Jewish Yemenite children disappeared in Israel between 1948 and 1954, and Israeli governments deliberately obliterated them for decades.

The Israeli government announced in June that it was in the process of forming a special committee to investigate the case and uncover what was surrounding it.

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