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Secret Talks Between Israel and Saudi Arabia : British Newspaper

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June,19 \NewNews

The British Times newspaper revealed the existence of “secret talks” between the Israeli occupation authorities and the Saudi regime “to normalize economic relations” between them in continuation of the policies of Bani Saud aimed at serving the Zionist entity to appease their masters in Washington.

Secret talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia to normalize economic relations as British Newspaper revealed

The steps of normalization between the occupation entity and some kingdoms and sheikhdoms of the Gulf, especially the Bani Saud system, have taken place. Public normalization has taken a flagrant way. A Saudi delegation of Saudi academics and businessmen visited Entity of occupation in July.

“Saudi Arabia and Israel will start small economic steps to normalize their economic relations, including allowing Israeli airlines to enter Gulf markets and land at Saudi airports,” the Times said in its Sunday edition, quoting unnamed Arab and American sources.

Israel’s Maariv daily reported last month that Israeli businessmen and trading companies have been operating in the Gulf states for years. In most cases, these companies do not know themselves as Israelis, but everyone is aware of their reality.

“The Gulf states have direct economic relations with Israel,” the report quoted one insider as saying on Israeli commercial activity in the Gulf.

News reports confirm that the agreements between a number of Arab regimes, especially Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar, with this entity include political, military and intelligence, especially in support of terrorist organizations in Syria.

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