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The Speech of Mr. Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi on the Event of the Meeting of Wise Yemen, 10 Ramadan 1438

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June,15 \NewNews

The Speech of Mr. Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi on the event of the meeting of wise Yemen, 10 Ramadan 1438

I seek Allah’s protection from the rejected Satan

In the Name of Allah , the Beneficent , the Merciful

Peace Be Upon Him

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Peace be upon you, and may Allah accept from us and from you the fasting and good doing. We are speaking in this speech on the occasion of the meeting that will be tomorrow, God willing.

This meeting, which we have called for a clear goal and under the a clear title “Maintaining the unity of the internal row and cohesion , and working to strengthen the internal situation in the face of aggression and resistance to aggression” this objective is considered a legitimate goal and a sacred goal and an important goal for us as a Yemeni people to deal with this unjust aggression, therefore we expect the positive interaction that we have seen and we thank and appreciate the positive interaction from all the forces and components in the internal, whether partisan and political ones foremost among them the General People’s Congress, the parties and the social components and components of the scholars, academics, sheikhs, and the various popular groups that have shown an interaction and a respectful response and we appreciate  with all respect.

We all know in this country that since the beginning of the American-Saudi aggression against our country and against us as a Yemeni Muslim people. The forces of the aggression – especially after facing the difficulties and realized the difficulty of this battle against them and the difficulty of achieving their objectives of this aggression – sought to penetrate the internal situation in this country and drag to the aggression and some of the components and forces with them and sought to exploit and employ the problems that have existed in this country, especially the large political problems and to exploit some of the components that have cheapened themselves and sold their people and influenced the interests and considerations of partisan or party or narrow interests at the expense of major interests and major concerns and major responsibilities, and this is done by every occupier  and every foreign aggressor on any country in the present or in the past .. the history attests to this in all regions of the world and at all stages. Over time in all history, any foreign occupier is seeking to occupy a country and control people who deliberately seeks to dismantle that country and rent, attract and drag the weak souls of traitors to join his row, complicated people and narrow considerations and interests who have largely lost their connection to their people and their attachment to their nation, they have become so complicated also have a moral bankruptcy, the occupier exploits them to dismantle the interior and penetrate through that country. This happened in all countries and in all regions in the present. We witnessed what happened in Palestine and what happened in Lebanon, where Israel recruited at the military level, not only at the political level and recruit thousands of people fighting with them and stand by them, we have witnessed this in other countries, whether in the Arab region or outside the Arab region and outside the Islamic world. How foreign forces have won and obtained some of the cheap souls, some as powers and components or even at the individual level, some stand in the ranks of foreigners against his country.

Maintaining the unity of the internal row and cohesion , and working to strengthen the internal situation in the face of aggression and resistance to aggression: Asyed Abdulmalik Al-Huthi

Also, in our present and contemporary reality, we have witnessed how free, honorable, cherished and independent forces have dealt with the aggression against their people and their country and countering the aggression, and how they were suffering a lot, for example, some were conspiring against them, some had bad attitudes, some were stabbed in the back, some had negative attitudes, and in the end when they won and when they reached their decisive outcome, which was a sure result, the result of victory and the result of expulsion of the foreign occupier and the failure of the foreign occupier. Later the history comes to record the honorable and great position and responsible for the free forces, and the others the history comes to take their position decisive as they were traitors or sluggish or discouraged etc..

We have witnessed and we are witnessing now how the category is present in every country witnessing occupation and foreign invaders, it is the category of weak cowardly traitors who greatly influence the silence and waiting for the machinations and consequences of the events. They are always skeptical about the possibility of victory and the possibility of standing against the foreign occupier, especially if this aggressor invader has a huge military force and has great potential they are always skeptical of the possibility of resisting this aggressor, so they feel that their position is wavering and ignore the real events and monitor the events if they register strong national positions against the foreigner. They tried to register some positive attitudes and to be courted to these forces that are against the aggressor. If they noticed in certain circumstances or in certain events the progress in favor of the foreigner they also tried to register some negative attitudes against the insider and the positions of the foreign aggressor and try to expose themselves in public auctions to say according to certain messages and certain voices and certain positions, and say that to the foreigner ” Here we are to sell you as others sold you”. This situation and classification of the three categories usually categories are present in each country facing the foreign aggression and targeted by a foreign occupier. This situation exists and therefore we will not be an exception in this country or at this stage or in the face of this foreign aggression, even in our history as a Yemeni people during the days of the British occupation, today we all gather in this country to condemn the British occupation and to describe it, it was a foreign occupation and foreign invaders and it is aggression that the responsibility and imperative duty and the moral, national and humanitarian duty is to confront that occupation, and we all commend in this country those who stood up against this occupation. But what is there then? What was happening during the British occupation and for more than one hundred and twenty years in the south, some of them stood with this occupation and supported it and some of them fought against it and fought the soldiers who were under the command of British officers. His commanding officer orders him to point his gun at his countrymen who are Yemenis or to target those of his countrymen in that province or that region or that village or in that city, and some linked politically to the British occupier and stood and conspired with him in the south and in the north also. Some went to sit in Aden under the British cloak and embrace the British occupier and embrace the British project in the north so the situation at the time during the British occupation was similar to the situation today to stand some of the groups and forces with the occupier and fight with them also direct his gun to the inside and kills those people who want the British to kill or some of the forces stand by the media, justify the British occupation glorifies the British occupation praises any step by the British occupier, some of them stood politically directly, clearly, openly, fully and some stood indirectly with the occupation in that he went to the British and coordinated with the British but tried to make other titles other agenda other business but the issue of coordination is clear and explicit to go to Aden and meet the British and bless his project, activities and efforts. The Turkish occupation, some of Yemeni people stood with the Turkish occupier, supported him, fought with him and blessed his steps, blessed his crimes, and justified all his acts of murder from plundering of all forms of crimes, justified all of this and change it to religious character.

This atmosphere that we see today is not a strange atmosphere, neither at the level of history in our country nor at the level of reality around us in the rest of the countries and in the rest of the regions and over time and the extent of history later comes history to take a different position, classifies all those who have stood with the foreign occupier aggressor and advocated militarily, politically and media under any address and any justification classifies them traitors, mercenaries and criminals and glorifies and highly values the position of free forces that confronted the foreign aggressor unjustly oppressor and comes to record their positions, championships, days and historical facts and praises them and highlights this position this happen in all the world. Today, we will continue to suffer in this country as long as this foreign aggression exist, we are suffering from two categories in this country. The first category is who took a clear position by joining the ranks of this foreigner and formed a political, military and media with them and its military formations under the command of its officers like what is happening today , there are Saudi officers, Emirati officers in Marib, in the south, in Mocha and in Taiz. These well-known mercenaries, who try to speak under national titles they know who is commanding them and those who are guided by those who lead them, and those who are subject to the matter are clear … The media consumption, noise, hypocrisy and embellished speech there, but the reality is very clear and no one can cover it then the attitude is very clear from the starting, means that this foreign aggression began clear and not hidden in which no ambiguity and not a simple and modest and hidden and night operation secret under the cover of darkness, no one knew who behind it No this foreign alliance came with clear, frank foreign forces to declare from Washington a foreign aggression against Yemen on this country. The faces of this aggression are clear faces from Washington. America declared its explicit position in sponsoring this aggression and in managing this aggression and in supervising this aggression, weapon for money, of course. Because it wants to benefit in all directions and political protection in the Security Council and the United Nations and also protect and manage the military necessary through the provision of missiles, bombs and warplanes and all types of military equipment and through the operational management in the operating rooms in Riyadh, the UAE, Eritrea and other countries where the most important operating rooms that supervise and manage the military operations on our country and then the Saudi regime came to be concerned with the implementation process in a clear and frank and declared that, and it invests in it all its capabilities and money and moved in it all its media capabilities and its media, military, economic and intelligence capabilities, it works with all its omnipotence and everything clearly that it has become a prominent issue globally today. This aggression today with his American’s head and  Saudi’s face and Emirate’s nose and  arms and formations of the forces that called themselves the coalition forces. Now it is clear at the international level at the regional level at the local level and not hidden or secret and hidden under other titles! never it is so clear and obvious,  we will come to explain why we need to say so? And why we have to repeat clearly, which is clear like the sun it is true very clear. However, some activities highlight some of the headlines that deal with this foreign aggression, with American’s head, Saudi-Emirati face, and his formations and his arms foreign, his fingers, his shoes and his fingers are not his local shoes from this country but the shoe is Yemen, but the foot, hand, head, face, hair, nails, teeth and claws are all external from this country but the shoe is Yemeni. So this aggression is very clear, which expresses itself every day in the media and politically, and in the steps of a military operation and clear at the launch of each operation in this aggression the previous operations targeted any area of the south or any area of the eastern regions, such as Mocha operations or any operation, who announces it? Who is talking about? Who is expressing it? Who clearly appears to be its manager and engine? it is a foreigner so he comes as a spokesman for the forces of aggression and issues statements, which means one of the clearest things but some people try to think differently like donkeys and because it is unfair to classify some people as donkeys, but semi-donkeys come to deal with the events as if another context and another form and another reality, as if the events do not have an external party, as if you are facing an internal problem so some people come and present themselves as semi-donkeys as if there are just internal disturbances and internal problems to advise those people in internal to leave their riots and inconvenience to the Yemeni people, and some come to give a neutral title that what is happening is just a riot among some of the rioters and the troublemakers people of this country, so they advise  these parties of the rioters in this country to stop bothering and abuse the Yemeni people and trying to ignore all this blatant and declared aggression by hundreds of media outlets, newspapers, websites, international and regional summits and meetings, the world leaders talk about it at the international and regional levels and moves the armies and has clear facts and events that  expressed by the crimes against humanity and large events and clear all this clarity is very large. All these events that filled the world, regional and local scenes some people come to close their eyes to them, to ignore them, to deny them, to describe what is going on and what is happening with other descriptions and other titles to justify himself to have another position and it is incompatible with religious responsibility and is not consistent with human instinct and is not consistent with the national duty and is not consistent with any consideration that can be based on him as a human being it means, whether you want it as a human, religious, national, political or whatever, it means to take a treacherous position. Attitude of betrayal is the position in which he disclaims responsibility. The position of the irresponsible, position is a state of defeatism because some of them are coward and terrified do not have the courage to prepare and adopt the responsible position against this aggression and has an honorable position of this aggression No …

Hundreds of Yemeni dignitaries who took part in the expanded meeting on the tenth of Ramadan holy month in response to Asyed Abdulmalik invitation

He is a weak coward  and  full of defeatism, full of control. He does not dare to have an explicit position on this aggression, with all that has happened from this aggression, terrible crimes that have to do with the crimes of humanity and the crimes of hundreds of Yemenis and bombed the markets, which are not battlefields or fronts for fighting.

If you feel resentful due to regional purposes, yet on a regional basis, there is no single province in this country that has not witnessed massacres. With those regional-basis resentful people, we have not heard their voices even towards what is happening in their regions. Horrible massacres happened in Taiz, and we did not hear any single voice irritated or turning angry from those “resentful” under the title “regional”… those idiots and paranoids.

Why are you -aggression forces- killing Taiz people in the markets, houses, mosques and schools? No matter how severe the aggression is…No matter how outrageous these massacres are…No matter to what standard of results the they have reached.. standard of destruction, killing, wounded and disabled people. As long as who is doing that is the external aggression .. The US, Saudi, Emirati …so this is normal.. Let them do it.. then this :”Taiz, Taiz, Taiz..” issue as some use it as a regional technique and a way to boost the disassembly status in this country.

When this status appeared in the southern region Lahj, Abyan, Aden, Shabwah…every single province has suffered from the aggression forces murders.. Mass murders of people in markets and houses, and no one uttered a word.

Over and above, go to Mareb, go to Jawf, Tihama.. those regional-basis resentful, paranoid and sick people, those who carried the “regional” title to cut this country apart… they never denounce what the foreign aggressor does, no matter how horrible it is ..they have no problem with that. Why?? Because actually they have no true concerns at all.. they have titles raised merely to justify…titles used as covers to hide their real principle which is betrayal…their real attitude is betrayal… the fact of the matter is that they do what they do for the sake of the foreigner, under his supervision, and for his interest.. then all other titles get lost.. as we saw some political titles disappeared.. those titles that they used to talk about day and night…What is apparent today in some forces stand is the sincere devotion for the foreigner interest…They work for him, but have they found any solution for their issues, titles or problems? No.. Did this foreigner and aggressor do any good to them? Did he solve their problems? Never, and this was not even on their agenda or their actual interests.

This foreign aggressor, first the American, second the British, and third the Saudi-Emirati and regional tools…they all do not care about their “shoes’” problems which they wore in Yemen.. not in the north, south, east nor in the west regions of Yemen…they have no interest in the political problems nor in the regional or sectarian title. .not even in any other title nor the social titles…the foreigner has a clear agenda…has clear and actual objectives known to anyone who reads and understands the nature of the aggressor forces and what it has aimed to in this country.. even their regional titles have been  explained and exposed…the Arab nationalism and Arab national security titles have been exposed…so that Trump mentioned and quoted Saudi regime leadership as saying that it expresses its positive feelings towards Israel, and the Israeli said that what the Saudi regime does in Yemen and the region represents common interests.. What Arab national security are they talking about? Common interests with Israel represents real and actual interest for Israel, so where is the Arab national security?

All the titles are lost… They got all exposed and all sheets are uncovered. The issue is very clear…Notice since the beginning of the war till today, the reality of the aggression was an external foreign aggression towards an independent country, i.e. the Republic of Yemen… And since its first day and since its first raids and until today, the aggression committed the most horrible and the most terrible crimes against these Yemeni people…. the mass killing of the Yemeni people…. Thousands of children and women were killed… witnessed massacres are documented by the media and presented in front of the eyes of the world…thousands were killed in different parts of this country… in mosques, in markets, in schools, in safe houses which were all destructed by rockets and bombs inside the country…not in the clashes areas, inside Sanaa city, or in Sanaa towards Amran and to the areas outside the clashes regions…but were killed in the depth of villages and cities in this country.. were killed unlawfully.. many witnessed horrible crimes that were recognized by the United Nations despite its full bias towards the forces of aggression…. were also recognized by well-known organizations, some of them were American and European organizations.. Internationally banned weapons that were reported by the media in America, Britain and various parts of Europe, were used in this country.. photographed and transmitted.

Everything is clear… there is no ambiguity in anything and nothing in disguise.. Nevertheless, there are people in this country whom we did not hear their voices to all those brutal massacres in which thousands of children of this people have been killed… children and women, both young and old… and clear crimes in the markets, lounges on wedding occasions as well as consolation meetings on various occasions of this people.. not a single voice… Some may give off a very weak voice yet accompanied by thousands of negative attitudes against the forces that address this aggression, to tell the aggression: I am embarrassed I had to condemn this terrible crime, then I, on the other hand, have taken a tougher, higher and clearer position than the forces that confront our aggression…Some used to hold the internal forces that deal with this aggression, the free forces in this country- hold them responsible for certain crimes, then implicates himself when the aggressor admits what happened in the grand hall crime…how some have tried to cover and justify and attribute this crime to the free forces that deal with this aggression…then they got disgraced when the enemy himself admitted the crime…With all this clarity, yet  the issue is this way…the forces of betrayal, in every country that stands by the foreigner and the occupier and the invader, are always so exposed and their position is weak. They always adopt irresponsible attitudes, distorted attitudes, and positions that are not based on reality… In order to justify their positions, they have to deny the great facts and the very clear issues… and free positions always rely on clarifications and true evidence that fills the real world’s vision and vision… Things are as such, the free man who stands the honorable and responsible position rely on clear, unambiguous facts while the others …the oppressed, the defeated, the weak, those rejecting and denying responsibility, or those clear traitors try to justify their positions and cover the reality of their actions and the ill-will of their position by denying the obvious facts. This is always the scene, in every country and in our reality, in every country facing an unjust foreign aggression…

So after all that has passed since the beginning of the aggression and until today, we have noticed how our country internally, how its position was as such.. Most of this people, all the honorable and free in this country made their position clear, and their position was responsible and normal against this foreign aggression on this country, They are moving at varying levels, certainly at varying levels. Not all those who stood in this country against this aggression are on one level in bearing their responsibility, in their interest, their action and their seriousness….No, some acted with all they can to resist this aggression and moved forward, and from different groups.. I mean, the situation is different for everyone and for different groups and components. Not all people equal in their position. Not all those who stood responsible are at one level and one degree in their extent of their responsibility and their interaction. No, some families-–if you consider their reality- had presented their sons as martyrs. Are these on one level with those who have not been hit by one fork in the face of this aggression? Some sacrifice and suffer with all dignity, grace and honor and with all responsibility…their position is one hundred percent against this aggression, and there is no hesitation or any fluctuation.. A clear and marked position.. Some sacrificed great and tremendous sacrifices. Tribes provided large numbers of martyrs….Families provided large numbers of martyrs.

There are regions where history recorded that they were at the forefront of the position… in this people and in this country…. Some also suffered financially and they are still moving on the right track.. Some said: We are against this aggression, but their interests were different… May Allah bless them since they have recorded a position against this aggression…On the other hand, they do not discourage, let down others nor offend them…those exerting all their efforts, all their energy and move with all their strength and potential to address this aggression…they does not harm others, do not challenge them in the back,  do not conspire against them, nor bargain with them. No, in the minimum they recorded a responsible, honest, free and sometimes contributing attitude…they may attend a demonstration, a popular march or a meeting, some contribute financially more in generosity convoys, as well as in thankful, free and responsible words…encourage and bless the efforts and the sacrifices of these people.

People’s contributions are variable… This is a well-known internal issue we know, we know each other   and know both the level of other’s positions, level of their efforts, of their roles and the level of their openhandedness and sacrifices. On the other hand, some do not…they have suspicious positions; have no single position against this aggression. On the contrary, instead of having a frank, clear and responsible attitude the would honor him with God and history, in the Day of Judgment, when God will ask him: what was your attitude towards those who killed with their rockets and bombs thousands of  children and women of your own country? What was your attitude when others came and destroyed the plowing and the offspring and conspired against your people and fought it economically? When starvation and suffering spread with that economic warfare? Millions of your people suffered… Some have had no position, and at the same time they were embarrassed to have a clear position to support the aggression, but supports aggression and stands with aggression in a different way; first: they do not adopt any position towards the aggression, second: they make every effort to strike at the forces that stand against aggression, but do not bear the title of aggression, and do not explicitly state that they are joining the ranks of aggression, because this embarrasses them and then provides the opportunity to have them struck clearly…which means that the free forces will not hesitate to strike…this front is the front of those who are have a disease in their hearts, this is the front of those who trick, when they do not have an actual, clear and responsible position against the aggression, but at the same time have a position against you when you address that aggression and bear the responsibility….they do everything in their power and with all seriousness and responsibility to confront this aggression- they have a thousand position against you…they are busy always stabbing in your back, provoking you many problems irresponsibly…  in a totally irresponsible way, we- from our position of responsibility and as forces with clear and frank position in dealing with this aggression, which no one can question and no one can criticize us- have clear position.  If our position is not clear in the response to this aggression, who is to deal with this aggression? We are at the forefront of this people and the children of this people and we are moving in the face of this aggression. We are totally not opposed to discussing any issues or any topics or opening any files to deal with the internal situation or internal problems.. We are present..

Clearly,we are not pampered .We used to fight , we are sons of conflicts and facing challenges it is, we are people of war. We are not sons of palaces or have funds in banks or have any institutions or companies .

We are the sons of this impoverished country. We have lived in troubles situations since our born  . We accustomed to live with  ؤقهسcrisis ,problems and all difficult cases . As well , we are not from to Riyadh or UAE or to high classes in our country who have lived luxurious life since ten years , and travelled abroad as Europe or America . No , we have lived in wars and troubles circumstances .

Media sounds of several media sides who say we are Magian, infidel and more dangerous than Jews and Christians must stop and fight them . Their sounds are not new for us . We have heard them since we were children as well our fathers .

Since my childhood I had heard like these words under political titles . During the past period ,day and night , we were hearing these accusations beside the ways of insulting . All kinds and forms of incitement were worked and directed against us .

As we are not pampered and used to live in difficult situations , we get great benefits in this current period in facing the aggression at the global ,regional and local levels . Otherwise we will be exhausting and unable to face them if we never hear any accusations or insulting or if we had luxury life in the past .

These events did not come to us as new, and on contrary we live today a better situation, better than all stages that passed, better situation in all aspects, that is mean do not be give up , these events and pain in the form that shocks us and we come not accustomed, We used to sacrifice, we are people of sacrifice ,present to sacrifice, and we are people in our faith, in our values, in our spirit and in our morals, We rely on ourselves.  We believe in responsibility and raise responsibility, we are not pampered, nor does it mean when we work In the internal situation, it is better for us in this country and for wise, correct, responsible, national and moral position and position imposed on us by responsibility on one hand, and by interest on the other, if one understands what is in the interest, do not deal with our internal problems or internal concerns or our internal issues. We deal with it in a hostile manner, we do not deal with it in a manner of manipulation, bidding and bargaining. Let’s deal with it in a spirit of responsibility, we discuss it, we know its causes, we know its background, we study solutions in a responsible spirit. We criticize the mistakes with all courage and responsibility. We are committed to confronting this aggression, which is a very serious danger to us as a Yemeni people and Yemenis of all forces and components not on one side, this aggression aimed at capturing our entire country and occupying it all. Trampling on dignity of this entire people without any discrimination, God or from General People’s Congress, from any party of any tribe, from any province of any region, wants to trample on your dignity, today all those who joined the ranks of aggression are not in the position of disgrace? If we come to say always, group, we do not want our internal unit to be vulnerable to disruption and vulnerable to weaken . Through the use of method of bidding and behavior, which is more like an aggressive behavior.

It is not responsible behavior to come , be strong upon us and make the issue more difficult .They thought we are pampered of course No. We used to fight anyone fight us , but this thing is not for our side .

I tell all the responsible forces in our country that we are accustomed and life is full of bad people and Facebook users and…so on . There are devil mouths who are lying and insulting day and night . This thing will be in life forever , it is not strange or surprising.

What we care about is our internal situation .We have to cooperate with other official forces “The General People’s Congress” it includes honest, free ,national and responsible people .We appreciate them and never doubt of their national responsible attitudes .

Even the other parties and components involve loyal , honor and serious people . They are aware and recognize the reality of the current period and the  circumstances .

The aggression forces is aiming to hit the internal front .Today, the aggression  forces are in crisis and suffering more than any time .

Coinciding with the entry of the third year of war on Yemen ,they have failed to resolve the battle or even achieve their goals. The most important factor in foiling the aggression is the unity of the internal front .

The internal front of the main components “Ansarallah and the General People’s Congress” is as result of their leaders’ awareness as well the attitudes of the other components who are motivating the two components to keep and support the unity of the internal front . As well as, the common cooperation in their attitudes help to achieve great stage at the political field.

The main components “Ansarallah and the General People’s Congress and their allies ” could repair the political case , form the government and the Political council.

This achievement has enhanced the unity of the internal front, But we must keep this achievement.

We have a lot of troubles and the aggression have increased it as the economic problems “The salaries matters” .The aggression economic blockade has made the situation more trouble.

Also, the aggression’s conspiracy against the central bank as they freezing its funds and a lot procedures against the bank as it known all over the world .It has negative effects on the economy especially if the country was suffering at the past as our country.

Our country is being blockade even at the patients’ trips for treatment. It is banned for them to travel for treatment . Most of our country ports ,lands and seas are under the invasion controlling while the others are under the siege and the air is totally closed . Anything get in Yemen through air is under the  controlling of the aggression as well the getting out of the airport.

The aggression targets the economy sources and  the dynamic capabilities . Scores of factories , companies ,markets were destroyed by the aggression’s missiles.

Even the nature resources like the oil in Marib Province . Who is stealing it in Marib ,Shabwa and Hadhramout provinces ?!!

Of course ,the invasion forces and their mercenaries .

Today, Al-Islah party steals Marib resources . It has stolen billions . Why the citizens in many provinces are buying the oil with more than 4000R.Y?!!

Al-Islah party is introducing itself as national and Islamic party .It is stealing the money with its procedures . It controls the oil in Marib under the aggression’s forces’ supporting.

Al-Islah party is stealing the Yemeni people . It is the one who is behind our suffering .

Although some are belong to this party , they are suffering . All Yemenis are suffering whether they belong to this party or not .

You must know your real enemy .UN said if we want salaries ,we have to deliver Al-Hodeida port. This means it is the main reason for our problems , some are liar and faker who acquittals the culprit.

Today, all families and free components all around Yemeni areas are  suffering especially the responsible forces. A lot of the martyrs families are suffering .

The fighters at the battle fronts are suffering that some of them don’t have even shoes .

Some are trying to suspect the war efforts and raising doubts of reaching any supports to the fighters at the fronts. The fighters  who are patience ,loyal and persist at the fronts .They fight the external occupant to prevent them of committing genocide ,and to keep our nation’s freedom , stability and dignity .

We tell those who doubt of the war efforts or reaching any potentials for them at the fronts that we welcome and support any serious procedures to ensure transparency and combat corruption.

We refuse the ways which depend on sedition and stir troubles ,it is hypocrisy way .I ask you to come to study all the effective procedures to combat the corruption and ensure proper financial process .

The main responsible for our economic crisis is the aggression forces .They have launched the war against us . They are destroying our country and exhausting our simple potentials in facing them .

If we notice how much our country sustained and suffered at the war of 1994 . Despite that war took only four months and there was not any direct intervention of external forces , the country suffered a lot.

But the war today , the richest and the strongest countries in the world are against us ,our abilities .

UK, USA and Gulf Countries are conspiring and moving against us with all their power and abilities .

How we shall move against this conspiring as we live in a country which is suffering the internal troubles and economic crisis since the past decades . ?!!

We are a rich country, but its people are poor. Its resources were not used in the past, and there was no actual economic structure. We had achieved this in the past. If These events came we will be are as a second Japan or a third China. We do not all know what our country was like.

In the past, everything is okay economy is just fine. We have a lot of rioters in this country. We are right. We are trying to incite against Ansarallah.

First of all, the most incitement comes against Ansarallah , or some try to hold them responsible. Country problems, this country is our country all responsibility We have no choice but to stand up, to prove that we have no choice but to assert ourselves, unite, cooperate, look with responsibility, and the wisdom, to put us to our problems to the challenges before us, to our suffering, all responsibility and wisdom for all our issues, our problems, all, we look at our economic situation, what its problems, but without Lies and fabrications come as duplicitous and purist to defy the forces of aggression and to discredit their clients Who steal gas and oil today in Marib, as well as in Shabwa and Hadramout come to those who are not his only to fight for his country and for honor of his people and the dignity of his homeland to say you are the bear of responsibility, this faction and this component of this country.

Martyrs, and the most families of the martyrs of it and the most suffering people are from him and come not to say you are responsible, I have a hat to me and give me and you everything, responsible with you to your level of responsibility, responsibility in the necks of all of us, at one level if I move more than you or that He moves more than you, with a responsibility that may have a sense of responsibility more than you, only, or not.

We are responsible for all of us, in front of God, we are all Muslims, we have a responsibility to stand up against this injustice, this falsehood, this evil, this tyranny, ourselves to our country, our people, our generations, who comes to consider himself responsible.  You are not a person in the position of commissioning, I am not a Muslim, I am not a Yemeni , If you are a Yemeni Muslim from this country, you have a responsibility as much as I have responsibility, and you have to do everything you can in face of aggression this tyranny ,injustice ,evil that did all that has done in our country ,we have our people, Freedom, dignity and independence.

We all have a responsibility and we must deal with this responsibility and wisdom. Therefore today we are in front of the tenth of Ramadan, of all the ingredients and I thank them and in the forefront of the General People’s Congress, which is much more valuable and able to respond to this call  . I think that we all have to interact with this subject in every sense. I hope at this tenth meeting that the meeting will examine our current reality.

The task is clear at this meeting, to focus on unity and class. We are strong, steadfast in this country, insofar as we maintain the cohesion of the internal front. You may be subject to efforts and without doubt, the investigation, no doubt exposed to efforts for forces of aggression Saudi Arabia and UAE before American, British. All these forces are seeking to degenerate our internal row rotten mosquitoes, through some suspects, mean some may give four thousand dollars Five thousand dollars, his job and uncle To raise internal problems, to dismantle the internal row, to raise any internal problems that occupy people from confronting aggression, mercy by forces of aggression, which suffered in the third year and cost of a very huge military economic on its head and did not achieve its objectives, if it facilitates the tasks to occupy this country is trying to strike the social ladder and provoke a war, between one tribe another, and the people are busy and then they call on the fronts of the war to confront the aggression of the tribesmen to come and start today the battle Internal. Similar one who works to provoke unrest and strife in the inner row. He works for benefit of aggression without doubt, either he is receiving, as is case of some of five thousand dollars of The UAE or Saudi Arabia or less on the basis of the man’s goods and the level of his influence . He does not have any sense of responsibility, nor any faith, morality or humanity, which corrects his concerns and priorities.

With all that has happened so far, his priorities are neither subject of aggression nor response to it nor the subject of the position of all forces for aggression and crimes.

I am hopeful of the combined forces of all components and of all spectrums in this country to study all necessary measures to activate and support internal situation in the response to aggression and to promote unity. If it has not done at its first meeting, it can have a course of action, an ongoing course of action, ways to stand up to corruption, financial transparency because some are dizzy, a thief who comes to harm the fighters on fronts to war effort to those who resist the aggression.

Any internal problems that any component wants to open in an atmosphere of responsibility, any issues that any party wants to discuss in a responsible atmosphere, in a fraternal atmosphere in the atmosphere. He is keen to reach a realistic, practical and practical result, while market method is immoral .

The sages of Yemen will meet honorable people of Yemen. People who have a sense of responsibility, people who live real concern, popular concern, the national concern, they are people of Yemen. The Yemeni man, who wants to look at challenges and  face responsibly and problems.  He is facing in order to deal with them responsibly and in the issues that he has to deal with is the responsibility of this is meeting of wise men of Yemen and to come out with measures, procedures and work processes, not just to meet and return to their homes or to this course aims to preserve the cohesion of home front as a great, legitimate, sacred, wise and important goal, essential to the strength of the situation and to counter aggression. As well as to study each and every one of them. Actions and means that help to improve performance in confronting aggression, developing what we need to develop, means, methods and tools of work, and a methodology of action in dealing with aggression, is intended to share collectively concern, attitude, responsibility and action, and decision, that’s what is meant.

Peace be with you, mercy of Allah, and his blessings.



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