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Saudi Jet Bombs Allied Forces in Southwest Yemen, Four Killed

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May,31 \NewNews

The Saudi-led Coalition bombed its allied forces in Southwest Yemen, killing at least four members of the UAE-backed Southern Resistance units in the Al-Wasa’iya area of Lahij.

Local sources informed them that the Saudi Coalition carried out a faulty raid on the Southern Resistance, killing four members and wounding several others, Al Masdar reported.

The Southern Resistance fighters killed in the Al-Wasa’iya area were identified by the Aden Al-Ghad News Agency as ‘Adel Ahmad Al-Subayhi, Hassan Ahmad Al-Subayhi, Islam ‘Ali Al-Subayhi, and Tariq Ahmad Al-Khuba Al-Subayhi.

This attack by the Saudi Coalition came just hours after their jets pounded the provincial capital of Ta’iz, where local sources reported four civilians were killed and two others wounded by the raid.

While sources stated that the search for more victims trapped under the rubble is still ongoing, another airstrike occurred hours after targeting civilians in Maqbana Directorate.

According to news sources, Coalition jets committed a second massacre, Monday, in the Al-Arish area at Maqbana Directorate, killing at least ten civilians, while destroying several residential buildings.

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