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How The Arab World Came Apart: New York Times

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May,29 \NewNews

The New York Times published a special issue devoted to a single topic that took all the pages of the issue, which for the first time in the history of this prestigious newspaper is an example of serious journalism.

Civilians fleeing Basra, Iraq, March 2003. Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photos

The subject of the special issue, is the disaster that befell Arab world during 13 years, starting from the America and Britain aggression on Iraq and occupation in 2003.

That aggression and occupation by US did not destroy the Iraqi Baath Regime only, but also destroyed the Iraqi state,created the conditions for birth of ISIS and other similar terrorist organizations ,  flamed the Arab world and all area around . It was the source of the global refugees crisis , and gave the starting signal for the era of terrorism, which is hitting the world today .

Well-respected international site offers a detailed account of the human and financial losses caused by the US aggression on Iraq under false pretenses. 1455590 Iraqi civilians were killed ,  4801 of American soldiers and officers, and 3487 other military allies,plus the financial cost of the war is mostly $ 1,065 billion and $ 856 million.

The Arab Spring is one of the secondary results and aftershocks of the disaster, and international sources estimate that the losses of the Arab world amounted to 830 billion dollars, plus to the destruction in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

There is a period of Arab history described as a period of decay,
But the decline of the Arab world today is unprecedented in history, especially as it occurs in an age which the peoples make further progress and upgrading.

The New York Times said that they did not postpone the publication on the pretext that the process of destroying the Arab world is still ongoing, And they may issue another number after 13 years from the catastrophe of Arab world.

The Arabs are fighting the Arabs in Yemen and destroying the country. The Arabs are fighting the Arabs in Syria and destroying Syria. The Arabs are fighting the Arabs in Libya and destroying Libya. The Arabs are fighting the Arabs in Iraq and destroying Iraq. Although terrorists wage war on humanity in the name of Islam, 70% of their victims are Muslims.

There are no indications that there is a better Arab future. Most of the Arab wounds are bleeding, inflamed and difficult to heal, and any future for societies no longer considers themselves national communities but social components, divided by religion, sect, ethnicity.

Israel is not responsible for what the Arabs do to themselves and Israel have the right to feel safe and secure as long as the Arabs Destroy their own countries by themselves.

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