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821 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen: Taiz: Eight of the Saudi mercenaries were killed with the fires of the Yemeni forces near Atashrifat military camp in Sala district .
Yemen: Taiz: The US-KSA aggression’s drone launched 3 air strikes on Alwazeiyah district.
Yemen: Saada : An air raid on Shada district by US-KSA fighter jets .
Najran: Sniping a Saudi soldier at the east of Alshabak military base .
Asir: Artillery bombardment targeted Saudi troops at the east of Arabwa area.
Yemen: Marib: More than 21 air strikes were waged on several areas in Serwah district during the past hours .
Najran: Destroying a Saudi military vehicle at the east od Ashabaka military base ,and killed its crew .
“The Saudi Regime Normalizes Openly and Fully with the Zionist Enemy”: President Saleh Al-Sumad
The US State Department Classifies Number of Political Councils in Southern Yemen on the List of Terrorism
Kuwait Hands Over to Qatar List of Demands to Resolve Crisis.

Asyed: Abdulmalik Alhuthi Congratulates Yemeni People and all the Muslims on the Coming of Ramadan Month.

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May,26 \NewNews

Asyed: Abdulmalik Alhuthi congratulates Yemeni people and all the Muslims on the coming of Ramadan month .

Asyed: Abdulmalik Alhuthi confirms in his congratulation on the following points:  

*Our people must get all the benefits of this month as they are facing the aggression’s forces to be able to face all the challenges.
*The only aim of hypocrites’ forces in our region is to devastate , stir sectarianism and carry out American’s and    Israeli policies
*The hypocrites’ forces , headed by Saudi Arabia want to transfer the whole Islamic into deprived of the will.
*Trump’s visiting Saudi Arabia aims for America’s benefits as well Israel

*I ask all free people in our nation to reinforce cooperation to stand against the oppressing forces.
*I ask our dear people to continue their supporting the battle fronts with heroes fighters.

*I call the active components to keep their unity and fail all the evil attempts
*Any attempt to harm the components’ unity is direct service for the enemies and betrays Yemeni people.

*I call all the wisdoms men and the officials to organize unitary fraternal meeting on the tenth of Ramadan month .
*I call the Saudi-paid mercenaries to review their wrong attitudes and thoughts that shame them in the world and the after life .
*I advise the mercenaries to cooperate at the operation of captives exchange at this holy month .
*I ask all the good and rich people to take care of poor people , the martyrs’ families and the injuries people .
*I call to activate the inspection system and to repair its role in the public inspection to prevent the financial corruption

*We affirmed on our people ‘s humanity and Islamic attitude toward their center issue ” Palestine issue ” as well their solidarity with Palestine captives

*At the end , we confirm our humanity and morality solidarity with the oppressed Bahraini people , their oppressed scholars and leaders . We condemn the terrified crimes the regime has committed against the Bahrainis .

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