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821 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen: Taiz: Eight of the Saudi mercenaries were killed with the fires of the Yemeni forces near Atashrifat military camp in Sala district .
Yemen: Taiz: The US-KSA aggression’s drone launched 3 air strikes on Alwazeiyah district.
Yemen: Saada : An air raid on Shada district by US-KSA fighter jets .
Najran: Sniping a Saudi soldier at the east of Alshabak military base .
Asir: Artillery bombardment targeted Saudi troops at the east of Arabwa area.
Yemen: Marib: More than 21 air strikes were waged on several areas in Serwah district during the past hours .
Najran: Destroying a Saudi military vehicle at the east od Ashabaka military base ,and killed its crew .
“The Saudi Regime Normalizes Openly and Fully with the Zionist Enemy”: President Saleh Al-Sumad
The US State Department Classifies Number of Political Councils in Southern Yemen on the List of Terrorism
Kuwait Hands Over to Qatar List of Demands to Resolve Crisis.

Yemeni Tribes Confirm their Continuation in Supporting the Yemeni Army and Public Forces till Victory

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Food and financial convoys as support for army and popular committees from tribes of Saada and Al-Jouf and women of Imran

Saturday 29/4/2017

*Saada Peovince:

People of Sohar Directorate in Saada  has given a food convoy as supporting of army and popular committees on the occasion of the martyred leader.
The convoy contained more than 75 sheep and hundreds of dates boxes and other miscellaneous food supply.
During the convoy, a protest was held to denounce the continued aggression and brutal siege, and loyalty to the martyr leader and commitment to walk on the Quranic methodology in the face of tyrants.

People of Sohar confirmed that this convoy is not the first and will not be the last, they will continue to provide and support with everything they own for the army and the public forces in all different battle fronts and fields.
*Al-jawf Province :

In the province of Al-Jouf, tribes and people of Samda area provided food convoy , mostly wheat and grain in supporting the fronts of army and popular committees.

During the convoy’s operation, people of Samida confirmed their continued steadfastness, sacrifice, giving and giving, fighting fronts with men and money, and the will keep supporting till cleared Yemen from hypocrites, ,mercenaries and invaders.

The tribes of Al-Jawf province ask the government and the political system to speed up the adoption and implementation of the Emergency Law to suppress the fifth column unless they would have to apply the emergency law themselves to suppress the hypocrites who mourn the community from the inside And seek to dismantle and spread their poison inside and help the invaders to occupy.
*Amran Province :

In Amran governorate ,women of the districts of Bani Sareem and Houth have provided a varied convoy of food on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of the martyr commander, in support heroes of army and popular committees stationed in the fronts of glory, honor and heroism.

The convoy contained a number of cakes and various foodstuffs of juices, cakes, raisins and a large amount of cash.
During the conduct of the convoy organized an exhibition of pictures and handicrafts, which return of profit to support fronts.
And confirmed that it will not be the last, but will be followed by convoys of money and men supporting heroes of army and popular committees stationed on the fronts of glory ,honor and heroism will not stop supporting until the great victory of the people of Yemen.















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