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The Main Points of Sayed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi’s Speech at the Anniversary of the Martyr Leader 23.4.2017

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The main points of Asyed Abdulmalik Alhuthi’s Speech at the anniversary of  Martyr  leader
1-Asyed  Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Huthi: “The anniversary of the martyred-leader” comes at a time when Yemen is facing the worst aggression and the most unjust war on the world stage today.

2-The Martyred Leader is the symbol of a justice issue and the founder and pioneer of a great project   .

3-The issue of the Martyred Leader is represented in the actual responsible conscious movement in the face of the dangers and overall challenges against our region by America and Israel.

4-The Martyred Leader Project is a constructive and corrective reform project aimed at changing and reforming the reality of the nation

5-Both of the case and the project did not come from a vacuum, but necessitated that identity, belonging, principles and ethics

6-At the beginning of the third millennium, the nation exposure to an  American and Israeli unprecedented dangerous attacking.

7- The extensions of the US military offensive affected Afghanistan and Iraq as a prelude to a comprehensive targeting. The 2001 US attacking came at a time when the nation was divided, fragmented and lacking vision.

8-Many regimes and currents have joined the American attack  against our  nation.  Another side inside the nation has Preferred to abandon responsibility, acquiesce and wait for the outcome of the events. A second trend among the nation has chosen the correct, logical and responsible position, which is to confront the American attack

9-The third trend is the free and independent trend .

10-The option of confronting the attack has a price, introducing sacrifices , but it remains less expensive compared to the “catastrophe of the consequences” if the option is to be acquiescing.

11-What America is only care about is its interests without regard for others

12-American has a hostile attitude to our culture and our true religious identity, and has no problem whether  Islam is distorted  or not

13-America and Israel are two sides of the same coin

14-Israel is the thorn in the throat of the nation planted in favor of Western colonialism  Iraqis and Afghans responded to the American attack which make the forces of invasion resort to the policy of “adaptation.

15-The policy of expanding the circle of ” complying” aims to eliminate the phenomenon of rising Arab and Islamic consciousness  America’s strategy for this stage is polarization

16-American adaptation policy is using to disinformation the press  media to strike the nation morale Everyone who is not armed with “consciousness” will be the victim of American misinformation and unprecedented activity of polarization

17-The complying  movement inside the nation is activating a huge polarization activity

18-America aims is to be the only who interest in our nation’s issues, and aims  to be the first  who concern at the affairs of Yemenis, Saudis, Egyptians, Syrians and so on No one can move unless America allows, otherwise it is forbidden

19-The US role requires the abolition of the internal affairs of the countries.

20-To America ,If you are not with the America, then you are a regional and global danger, and you are the occupier of your country.

21-As well, our movement against what is threatening our country is curious, so they say ,you  want to occupy Aden, Marib, Jouf, and Sana’a, and America , Israeli and the Saudi must come to liberate it.

22-In light of the American role, everything is allowed to happen , even it is  not relating to humanity .

23-The standard today that enforce on the region and our Islamic area is ONLY the interest of America.

24-Iran has been liberated from following  America, and that is its fault. In the past and during Iran was ruled by Ashah, there wasn’t any opposition against it that the system at that time follow America.

25-Anyone says that Israel is a danger on our nation and on our  holy places is said to be a pure Iranian of the first-class, and they make this a justification for targeting any free and any party that does not accept adopting their hostile view of Iran.

26-Free forces in the region as Yemen ,Syria , Lebanon and  Iraq are considered rebel at the American perspective, and the sympathy among the oppressed in these countries is a crime.

27-Cooperation in the injustice of the Yemenis people is not a problem for America, but that the oppressed and the independent forces cooperate among themselves is a major crime.  Iranian sympathies with the Yemen is presented as a crime and dishonorable, while the hostile action of  Saudi Arabia, UAE, Argentina, and Colombia is not problem.

28- The free forces must cooperate, unite and join forces to push the oppressors away from our people.

29-Saudi regime according to what Allah orders in his holy Quran is conspirant, zionistic , and those who is working  with them will send at the day of judgment with them for their services

30-To follow the oppressors is to move in the implementation of their agendas.  The human, economic, and moral losses of the puppet regimes will chase them and eventually crush them

31- In Yemen ,we must  move seriously to face  the American aggression, the traitorous Saudi regime ,and the brutal UAE regime.

32-The UAE cannot  have a regional role without American light, and the UAE unable protect its own palaces.

33-Who brings UAE to Soctra despite it is not a military front otherwise there is American greediness to occupy the island.

34-We must build and be ready as our country is targeted within a targeted nation

35-We must face the invasion that the  ignoring doesn’t eject a danger nor tolerating could prevent evil

36- Morality and faith are an important principles  in resisting and facing the threats whatever sacrifices will be . If independence is part of my believe and faith, it will help us to stand firm as Yemen’s high mountains . All of us have responsibility as we belong to Ansarullah or to  Al-Mo’tamar and all Yemeni people ,but those move at the reversal of responsibility are criminals.

37-I am an citizen and it is my right to demand a new zakat law for the benefit of the poor people.

38-I address to take care of the coast battle and  Nehm, and to give each front the attention it deserves     



Zainab Mohammad



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