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Excerpts of Asyed Abdulmalik Al-huthi’s Speech at the Anniversary of Yemeni’s Joining Islam on Rajab Friday 1.4.2017

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Excerpts of Asyed Abdulmalik Al-huthi’s Speech at the anniversary of Yemeni’s Joining Islam on Rajab Friday .

1-During the whole history , Yemeni people was prominent in their strong attitudes .

2-Yemeni people are as the strong hand in facing the Empires’ challenges   which aimed to obliterate the Islam’s features.

3-Yemeni people built great force and could stand against the separation period at the side of right .

4-Imam Ali will stay at the Yemenis’ memory , and all Yemeni respect him and love him as our prophet (PBUH) wanted .

5-Takafiris have aimed to take Yemenis people away of Imam Ali’s way , but they failed .

6-This anniversary is a great remembrance for our people , and its Allah’s grace for them .

7-This anniversary is important at the time of targeting the identity , principles and values of the Yemeni people .

8-In all circumstances and periods , Yemeni people is refusing to be enslaved except for Allah almighty .

9-Yemeni people is described as Yemen of wisdom  and faith so that they will never ever accept their dignity or faith to be defeated .

10- Refusal and glory are useless without facing difficulties and challenges.

11- A good faith of a person has good impact on his patience and stability.

12-Mercenaries can’t give orders  , they only obey and follow Saudi and UAE orders.

13-Invaders want our people to surrender and be Americans’ servants.

14- If they give up for occupiers , Islam will end , and we will lose our religion accordingly .

15- Enemies focus on the Yemeni identity . The battle isn’t political problem , they want to enslave us to be unable  to take any decision with them.

16- Invaders want to occupy our ports , islands , Bub-almandab . They want to invade our land and religion .

17-Hypocrties are servile and insulted, and they can’t behave perfectly .

18- Enemies are in racing in occupying our land’s fortune ,and hypocrites sell it cheaply .

19- The previous American ambassador described Yemen fortune as a fortune that hasn’t been used before. Occupiers wants us to stay miserable , and to be away of our country caring .

20- They want small ,feeble and servile government for us to be under their controlling  and follow their politics as well to put consideration for them before its people.

21- The most important region in our country is being seized by foreign countries  “US- KSA – UAE ” .

22-  Our identity is our strong warranty in facing the aggression against us .

23- The worst operation along the history of Islam is the Takafiri invasion which has targeted our identity .

24- Bad-vision is formed about Islam as result of sins practicing by Takafiris who claim to follow Islam.

25- Yemeni people have exposed to the worst operation by transferring to Takafiri believes.

26-Faithful scholars and educated people have big duty in protecting our people from deforming believes of Takafiris .

27- US and UAE are supporting Takafiri invasion by billions so  we must be aware of this occupying.

28- We must move against their believes whether at mosques , villages or at universities with all our possible potentials.

29- Takafiri occupation carries the name of Islam ,and their moral invasion comes from one side which indicate their fault.

30- There are regular nets aim to involve our guys and girls at the prostitution in coinciding their military war against us.

31- In Sana’a , the languages’ institutes is working mainly in dismantling the society and targeting our morals .

32-The American embassy played the main role in corrupting youth by the corrupted nets and the government know this well at that time.

33-The aim of the morality invasion is not to make our youth interest , but to corrupt our society and make us follow them.

34- Buying loyalty is another kind of enslaving which target our people identity and values.

35- Another kind of occupation is the enemy’s attempts to break our people’s wills by spreading a situation of depression and surrenders.

36-  Those who call for silly issues which aim to distract the people  of their real enemies are the enemies’ sounds.

37- The real dilemma is not in managing the internal affairs , the real problem is the hypocrit’s manners which aim to weaken the internal battle fronts , and distract them of real risks.

38-If the official parties do not rise against fifth column,our people will move to put an end to this hypocrisy whether through the media or among the people ,and we know well how to achieve that. We will clean up the internal front from hypocrites ,and I call our people to be ready for this operation.

39-Captives’ file is human,we are ready for complete exchange process

40-The Saudi regime doesn’t care of their prisoner

41-UAE banned a large captives’ exchange deal after it reached Lahj province

42-If they do not care about their captives , care about their families

43-There is an operation against Al-Hodeidah sponsored by America and British with their tools “Saudi and UAE”

44-Our people must be aware of facing the occupiers till liberating the last inch of our country.

45-Our battle is  ongoing and our stability will continue ,and nothing could stop us.

46-I ask the army, committees and tribes to support coast battle and face the enemy.

47-The battle today is not with Iran, the battle is with Yemen. Yemeni people is killed not the Iranian, and what destroying and targeting it is our country not Iran’s.

48-The Yemenis know very well who is targeting them, and who supports the nation’s issues.

49-Iran is sympathetic with Yemen , its attitude towards Yemen is honorable and thankful , and our people hope for a better role.

50-We are not concerned with Iran’s hostility because they are hostile it, and our attitude against America and Israel is principled, even if Iran does not exist.

51-Firing in the air must work to stop it completely

52- At the end of the speech , Asyed: Abdulmalik Badraldeen Al-Houthi praises the honorable attitudes of  the activists in Britain  who civil arrested  Ahmed Asiri ” the sound of the aggression ” in Britain ,and hoping for more actions from the activists .










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