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The Main Points of Asyed Abdulmalik Al-Huthi’s Speech at the Anniversary of Two Years of the Aggression on Yemen 26.3.2017

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The main points of Asyed Abdulmalik Al-Huthi’s Speech at the anniversary of two years of the aggression on Yemen 26.3.2017

1-The anniversary of passing two years of the US_KSA aggression carries a lot of lessons for us .

2-At the first night of the aggression , Many were surprised whether inside or outside Yemen .

3-The war has declared from Washington and every  plan came from there.

4-There is no reasonable grounds to lunch the aggression .

5-To strike Yemen without any reasonable reasons is an evidence that Yemeni people is oppressed and condemn the oppressors .

6-The aggression on Yemen confirms that the whole region has targeted with large conspiracy.

7-A lot thought that Yemen will not be pounding.

8-We were surprised of the aggression’s time . We were on the consciousness that Yemen and the whole region is going through the field of beneficial strategic targeting .

9-As Yemen is being pounded , we must be aware to get benefits at the strategic advancing at all levels .

10-Passing two years of aggression is a chance to be strong enough in facing it that there is no way to be weak .

11-Two years of aggression are great proof of the Yemeni terrific resistance.

12-The aggression forces’ plans failed . It became case of loss and chaos.

13-Earlier, Yemen’s circumstances were complicated and difficult in all life fields, but Yemenis’ faith is helping in achieving the resistances’ factors .

14- The strong of our attitudes, and our resistance against the aggression are the result of our faith and trusting in Allah.

15-One of the effective resistance factors is the battle-fronts’ martyrs . As well, the resistance of wounded and martyrs’ families and the displaced.

16-Another resistance factors are the employers’ patience who break-down their salaries as result of transferring the central bank to Aden ,and the unity of the people inside as well as our officials’ recognizing of the aggression reality  .

17-The brutality crimes which committed by US-KSA jets provoke every person has faith and dignity .

18- In our country , the tribes never accept whether its women or children to be killed by the enemy . Our tribes have tough traditions rules , and only betrays go against traditions .

19- The aggression on Yemen is American planning , Israeli aims , and KSA-UAE fulfillment .

20-US is the head of the aggression , Israel is its heart and KSA-UAE with their mercenaries are its hands.

21-The aggression on Yemen is colonization which targets the whole nation .

22- Yemen is the first pounded nation for its attitudes against Israel as well its strategic location .

23- Saudi regime is seeking for role to be America’s follower and compatible with Israel .

24-The quarreling between Bin-Salman and Bin-Nayef about throne has role in the aggression in Yemen .

25- Sultan Al-Jaber ” UAE Minister ”  is charged to communicate with Israel .

26-Wherever UAE soldiers are , American benefits will be .

27-Saudi regime is dealing with Egypt in profanation and extortion ways.

28-Invading Yemeni Islands by the aggression’s forces is serving Israel, and direct threat against Egypt and the Arab National Security .

29-Saudi Arabia has sustained a lot that ARMCO company becomes for sell .

30- The negative results of the aggression will not only affect Yemen , but the whole region .

31- The war  against Yemen is the biggest war so far .

32- The aggression will never ever foil our wills or weaken our resistance.

33- Russia cooperated with UN in handing the mercenaries billions to support the war on Yemen .


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