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821 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen: Taiz: Eight of the Saudi mercenaries were killed with the fires of the Yemeni forces near Atashrifat military camp in Sala district .
Yemen: Taiz: The US-KSA aggression’s drone launched 3 air strikes on Alwazeiyah district.
Yemen: Saada : An air raid on Shada district by US-KSA fighter jets .
Najran: Sniping a Saudi soldier at the east of Alshabak military base .
Asir: Artillery bombardment targeted Saudi troops at the east of Arabwa area.
Yemen: Marib: More than 21 air strikes were waged on several areas in Serwah district during the past hours .
Najran: Destroying a Saudi military vehicle at the east od Ashabaka military base ,and killed its crew .
“The Saudi Regime Normalizes Openly and Fully with the Zionist Enemy”: President Saleh Al-Sumad
The US State Department Classifies Number of Political Councils in Southern Yemen on the List of Terrorism
Kuwait Hands Over to Qatar List of Demands to Resolve Crisis.

Artillery Shelling Kills Dozens of Saudi Soldiers 19.2.2017

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ASIR, Feb. 19 (Saba) – Dozens of Saudi soldiers were killed or wounded in bombing operations of the army and popular forces’ artillery targeting positions in Jizan, Najran and Asir provinces, a military official said Sunday.

Sniper units shot dead a Saudi soldier in Alb border crossing.

The army’s artillery forces shelled several positions of Saudis soldiers and mercenaries in the al-Qanbour and western Matha’an areas in Jizan province and al-Shourfah military headquarters in Najran province.

The shelling killed dozens of Saudi soldiers and wounded many others.

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