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942 days of Aggression on Yemen.
Yemen : Sana’a : The US-Saudi warplanes launched massive hovering .
Yemeni Civilians are the Main Aim of the Saudi Jets
UN Blames Myanmar for Failing to Protect Rohingya Refugees
Saudi Cluster Bomb Wounds Five Children in Yemen’s Saada : Pictures
Desecration of Quran in Taif, Saudi Arabia
UAE … is important to end the role of the Brotherhood in Yemen
Saudi-led Coalition warplanes launch 6 airstrikes in Saada
Yemeni popular committees Sniped 22 Saudi-backed paid fighters on various fronts

On This Day in Yemen 31.1.2016

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– The warplanes of Saudi-led coalition launched more than 88 airstrikes and missiel bombardment on #Saada, Taiz, Marib, Sana’a, #AlJawf, #Sanaa_Capital, #AlHodeida and #Shabwa
– The warplanes targeted civilians’ houses and civilian facilities, which led to destroy electricity station, fuel tanks and communications networks, markets and shops.


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