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Yemen’s Cost of War Did Not Exceed One Billion Dollars: Minister of Information

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Oct ,13 \ NewNews

Yemeni minister of Information, Ahmed Hamed, said on Thursday that the total amount spent by Yemen in the face of the Saudi-led war did not exceed one billion dollars.

“The cost of confronting the aggression for Yemen has not exceeded one billion dollars over two and a half years,” Hamed said at the celebration held by the Yemeni Media Union in commemoration of the first anniversary since the prominent journalist Salah Al-Ezi passed away.

He stressed that the cost of confronting the Saudi forces and their allies also includes support for production lines and military manufacturing.

Saudi Arabia has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on its war against Yemen since March 2015, according to Western reports, while the public debt of Saudi Arabia has reached 425 billion Saudi riyals.

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