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Alliance’s raids on Yemen continue on a daily basis

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Oct ,13 \ NewNews

The Saudi-led coalition continues waging its brutal raids on various Yemeni governorates, leaving killed and wounded civilians, as well as property damage.

In the province of Sana’a, 4 civilians, including one child and one woman were killed and 5 others were injured following three air raids striking a house in Masourah village based in Nehm District. The coalition also waged an additional two raids on the region.

Moreover, the warplanes of the coalition conducted an air raid on Dhabwa Camp in Sanhan District.

Heading to Saada, northern Yemen, one airstrike hit Al-Malahidh region based in Al-Dhahir District.

In Taiz, central Yemen, the Saudi aircraft launched two raids on northern Yakhtal in Mocha District.

Going to Hajjah Governorate, one air raid rocked Al-Attn area based in Bakeel Al-Meir District.

In Shabwa, five raids were carried out on Saq region in Asylan District.

In Hodeidah, coastal Yemen, the coalition Air Force launched a raid on the 10th Brigade in the district of Bagel.

Concluding it with Najran, at least 8 air raids rocked the positions of Al-Tala, Al-Sudaiss and Al-Shurfah.

To sum up, nearly 22 American-sold bombs were dropped on Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition in a single day.

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