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AL-Jawf is the Scene of Exclusive Operations by the Yemeni popular committees

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Oct ,11 \NewNews

A number of the Saudi-led coalition paid fighters were killed and injured in foiling their advance by the Yemeni army and popular committees in Al-Jawf.

A military source told NewNews that the Yemeni army and popular committees were able to foil the advance of the paid fighters towards the strategic mountain Al-Hazm Mount, of Al-Jawf province.

The source reported the fall of a large number as dead and wounded amid their ranks , in addition to hoding seven of them and burning mechanisms during the process of foiling their advance towards the strategic mountain.

Colonel Marzak Mohammed Deiban and Capt. Murtaza Abdullah Al-Muqrami were killed, in addition to the operations of the 122nd Brigade and the commander of a battalion of the paid fighters during the failure of their advance on the front of Ham ,it added.

It is noteworthy mentioned that the advance of paid fighters failed on Angha Mount is the fifth of its kind since it was cleared by the Yemeni joint forces months ago.

The Yemeni joint forces carried out a surprise attack on the sites of the paid fighters in Alija and the camp of the Selan in the same province, in addition to a similar attack on the sites of paid fighters in AL-Mtoon directorate, it stated .

As a result of the two attacks ,a number of the paid fighters fell dead and wounded , in addition to the destruction and the use of various military equipment.

On Sunday night, the Yemeni army and popular committees attacked a mechanism carrying a gunmachine-the rank of 23 – belonging to the paid fighters in Ham district of Al-Motoon.

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