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The massacre of the Great hall is the greatest Suadi’s crime in Yemen

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Oct ,11 \NewNews

written by : Zainab Ibrahim Aldilami

Terrible tragedy , we have lived last year . A tragedy has not happened in human history .
More than 700 died and wounded in the committed massacre of the Great “Kobra” hall .

It is more painful and worse than the massacres of Alhashosh and Badir mosques as well the crime of the wedding in Sanban area and many others awful massacres.

Those who went to perform the consolation of Aruwishan family did not expect that the missiles of the snake “Saudi warplanes” would come and kill him and to become consolation for the whole Yemen .

Our heart burned when we saw scattered pieces and charred bodies . The Great “Alkobra” hall have turned into rubble of those parts while enemies’ media have told lies that they did not commit the massacre . They claimed that it was a suicide bombing then they confessed it was by mistake.

How long you will continue lying and promoting fake victories?

I sware that blood and souls which have perished will testify your massacres and aggression against Yemeni people who will not subjected to you and will take revenge of the martyrs’ blood . The sons of Yemen will not have mercy on you.

You will pay for the harms and pains that caused by your aggression on Yemenis.

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