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Yemenis Challenge Saudi Warplanes, Gather in Kobra Hall to Revive First Anniversary

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Oct ,9 \NewNews

The Yemeni preparatory committee for the commemoration of the Kobra Hall massacre held an event on Sunday morning, October 8, 2017, to revive the anniversary of one of the most heinous massacres in Yemen’s history.

The genocide left nearly 150 killed and hundreds wounded while they were attending Al-Ruwaishan family’s funeral procession on October 8th of last year.

The families of the killed and wounded left their flowers and roses at the crime scene today to convey a message to the perpetrators of this crime.

The message expresses how this tragedy will never be forgotten by the Yemeni people and that they are still taking revenge for all the lost innocent souls on the battlefield.

Moreover, the attendees stressed on the need to preserve the crime scene and whatever is left of the heinous crime and its disastrous consequences. Al-Kobra Hall must be prevented from being manipulated or changed in order for it to remain a landmark and a public place for officials, journalists, activists, etc..from around the world to learn closely about the Saudi-led coalition and its major humanitarian violations in Yemen as the world stands silent.

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