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Yemen’s children paid the price of delaying black listed Saudi Arabia:Health Ministry

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Oct , 8\ NewNews

The Ministry of Public Health and Population stressed that a one-year delay of listing Saudi Arabia on the blacklist for killing children has been highly paid by thousands of Yemeni children.

“Did the United Nations know that during the preparation and discussion of the draft to include the alliance led by Saudi Arabia into the blacklist over the past two weeks that dozens of Yemeni children in Sa’ada, Hajjah and Taiz province were killed in air strikes by the Saudi-UAE-led coalition backed by the United States and Britain,” the ministry spokesman Abdel-Hakim al-Kuhlani according to Saba News Agency.

“It is the time for the world to tell Saudi Arabia and its alliance enough is enough, not just to include Saudi into the shameful list and move it to class B … as such measures would not deter Saudi from killing more Yemeni children in the future,” he said.

The spokesman said Yemen has been suffering the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world since Saudi Arabia last year paid a lot of money to be drawn from the UN blacklist.

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