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As UN Blacklists Saudi Arabia ,Its Alliance, Saudi Air Strikes Kill 48 Yemeni Civilians

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Oct , 6\ NewNews

When consciences and human feelings have bought by Saudi money , all humanitarian laws will be passed and forgotten . All awful crimes will be committed against civilians under US protection.

Saudi Arabia Killed 48 Yemenis as UN Blacklists the coalition

Coinciding with repeated meetings of United Nations of inclusion Saudi Arabia in the black list of children killers.

During one week before and after the meetings of the Human Rights Council, and the crimes of aggression has risen and speed as if Saudi Arabia in challenge field , trying to appear in ignorant case in front of  the international community and will not be deterred by the laws .

Seven massacres have been committed throughout Yemen’s provinces . Last week , eight civilians killed and injured as Saudi-led coalition jets launched an air strike on Hadad public market in Hajja province. The second crime was in Azqol area in Sahar district of Saada province led to the death of five people and injured three others. Hours have passed to the third committed massacre , a woman and a child lost their lives as well three wounded including a girl as the aggression’s fighter jets targeted houses and shops in Bani-Seyah district.

Also in Taiz province , nine citizens were killed and wounded in Maqbna district .

Moreover, the coalition’s jets committed two crimes in Saada province led to the death of nine civilians including a child and a woman in Baqim district while a girl and her father died and injured four the next day in targeting his car with aggression warplanes .

Sons of Midi district of Yemen’s Hajja have not been away form the miserable case. The aggression’s fighter jets targeted and killed three people .

Bloody week in which 48 people were killed and wounded , mostly children and women .

Dark black scene for the Saudi regime has printed in the memory of the Yemenis, who wonder where is the UN role toward the committed war crimes.

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