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Deaths and Injuries of Saudi-backed paid fighters in Taiz
Saudi Arabia Bombed Its Weapons Stores , the National Guard Camp in Najran as Its Fighters Reject Salman’s Directives

Saudi Arabia, Emirates Regimes are Extension of American Hegemony : Asyed Abdulmalik Alhuthi

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Oct ,2 \NewNews

Al-Saied Abdulmlek Al-Houthi in his speech on Ashura’s day said , all the fronts that work within our nation for benefits of enemies of the nation are clear, exposed in their association with America and Israel, whether through their role for sabotage of some Arab regimes, such as Saudi regime ,UAE, and claim to belong to Islam, Provide Islamic titles, and clearly has connection with American. They enjoy by American umbrella, and support. Their position in fact is an extension of American position. Their real position is American, they are tools,only to exploiting them and motivating them to strike the nation.

As well as their extensions within some peoples and in some countries, as in the case of the Takfiri tide, Takfiri tide is an extension supported by these regimes, then Saudi and UAE regimes are an extension in their role of conspiracies America and machinations of Israel, thats a One of the clearest things its not hidden. By minimal thinking is clear to anyone, but some people like them and want to be blind and deaf, and do not see these obvious facts.

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