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Excerpts of Asyed Abdulmalik Alhuthi’s Speech at the Anniversary of Ashura Day

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Asyed Abdulmalik Alhuthi stressed during his speech in front of the massive crowds that gathered in the “Airport Street” on the occasion of commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein that the Yemeni people will remain steadfast against American conspiracies. The US has been playing a major role in the war against Yemen, which now homes “the worst humanitarian catastrophe”, according to the UN.

The Leader of revolution Asyed Abdulmalik Alhuthi

The main points of the Asyed Abdulmalik Bader Adain Alhuthi’s Speech at the anniversary of Ashura Day :

-Imam Hussein determined the responsible and the historical attitudes toward challenges . He was not an ordinary revolutionary of limited requests.

-Ashura Day has reminded us with the revolution of Imam Hussein to repair the Islamic nation’s situation .

-Imam Hussein moved in immortal revolution that has extended to benefit the generations until the day of Resurrection .

-Islam Should be a field for right and a model for fairness not for field for crimes and injustice .

-Islam has obliged us to adopt the changeable attitude to confront the unfair ruler .

-Our Islamic nation must face against unfair rulers .

-When we have only two choices either pride or humiliation , nation must follow Husseini attitude .

-All fronts inside the nation which work for its interests have worked for US and Israel benefits as KSA and UAE regimes .

-Takfiri Ideology is actually supported by KSA. Both KSA and US are extending an extension of American hegemony.

-Our nation choice in facing the aggression is responsible and awareness choice as the resistance attitude in Lebanon and Palestine against Israel as well in Iraq .

-We affirmed on our attitude with Palestine and our enemies for Israel as it threats the entire nation ,and the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine in facing Israel .

-I call our nation to support the battle fronts to confront the aggression .

-I call the officials at the Supreme Political Council to exert maximum efforts to activate state institutions.

-I call all components to cooperate to strengthen fraternal ties and maintain unity of class, and to thwart the efforts of enemies to divide the class , appreciating the role of the tribes and warning of the invaders’ aims that sabotage the social peace .



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