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Huge Convoys to Support Fronts in Various Provinces in The Third Anniversary of 21 September revolution

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Sep, 24\ NewNews

Yemeni tribes give global lesson that it is integrable advocatory organization to remain the center of the strategic patience of 21 ,Sep revolution.

The conveys of backing fighters started to arrive to its places in Al Sabain square in Capital Sana’a after finished security fiats.

Despite , the hovering of aggression flight , the source of the shared delegation from Ibb , Albyda, Thamar, Hajja, Taiz , Shabwa, Lahaj, Rima’a ,and Marib , assured that conveys of supporting front launched to its especial area in AlSabain square as well from Saada province, and southern provinces .

This interaction of population with the great occasion in Yemen contemporary history embodies the struggle history of Yemenis against foreign domination.

So that , the campaign considers as the biggest convoy since the aggression has begun on March 2015.


By: Sana Talib

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