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Al-Sammad: We stand with the Saudi people to overthrow their retrograde incredible regime

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Sep , 21 \NewNews

The President of the Supreme Political Council, Mr. Saleh al-Samad, said on Thursday that the Yemeni people stand with the Saudi people to overthrow their retrograde regime.

“We call upon the Saudi people that the longer your silence is, the more the cost of lifting tyranny is greater and the opportunity is now to liberate you and all the free people in the world will stand with you, first of all the Yemeni people,” the president said in a speech during the celebration of the 21st anniversary of September 21 in the square of seventy in Sanaa.

“We are with you and your side and we will provide a safe environment for all the free from the Saudi opposition and we will welcome you with all the warmth and provide a safe and secure environment for your movement to bring down this retrograde backward system.”

He addressed the countries of aggression, especially the Saudi regime and the UAE. “Your aggression, no matter how great it is and how much they support it, no matter how long it takes in our people, it will not deter us from proceeding with our libertarian project and you must realize that you will lose.
President Al-Sammad: Addresses the international community:

The president praised the positive role of the BRICS countries, expressing the hope that he will reach the pressure to stop the aggression and siege.

He also addressed the United Nations by saying: “We tell the United Nations that we are an independent state. The Yemeni people are subjected to unjust aggression for the third year in a row. The worse crime have been committed against the Yemeni people in which tens of thousands of martyrs and wounded have been killed.

He added that the United Nations must stop the aggression and siege and hold its criminals accountable and compensate the Yemeni people for all the moral, psychological, material and human damages they suffered from.

Stressing that all the headlines that the aggression against Yemen is false addresses, and the legitimacy of the alleged Hadi is a false slogan put by the Saudi regime to justify its aggression, Fahdi does not represent the legitimacy of Yemen, and legitimacy ended by the end of his term in 2014 and ended when he submitted his resignation, and fell before it was a ride to wage war On his people.

He also called on the United Nations to stop all arbitrary steps taken by the aggression, including the transfer of the Central Bank to Aden, and the closure of Sanaa airport.

He called on the international community to stop the countries of aggression, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE from plundering the wealth of the Yemeni people, which has recently exported oil and gas through the ports of Balhaf and other ports, at a time when the Yemeni people suffer from the basic elements of life.

The President reiterated that the Republic of Yemen with a just and comprehensive peace, and we did not hesitate to enter into any understandings and deal with any initiatives that lead to the cessation of aggression and siege and sit at the table of honorable dialogue.

He stressed that the revolution of September 21 dropped the system of employment and dependence, corruption and underdevelopment and opened the door to the release of the Yemeni political decision from the stage of guardianship and external hegemony, which has been holding our people to the limits of poverty and underdevelopment and repression and guardianship abroad.

He pointed out that the enemies sought to enable al-Qaeda to overthrow the revolution of September 21, but failed. He pointed out that five months of the revolution witnessed serious conspiracies to end the revolution and that in the sixth month of the revolution the Americans and Saudi Arabia launched their aggression against Yemen.

He talked about the circumstances that preceded the revolution of 21 September, pointing out that the American marines were present in hundreds of different camps and sites and control the security services, who manage the situation through foreign embassies.

He added, “They were the rulers of all the affairs of the country, from the imposition of potions, the suppression of freedoms and the imposition of shredding projects to dismantle the country and divide it into warring regions, after they supervised the disruption of the army and security and the dismantling of the air defense system, and targeting them through assassinations and disabling them all these steps were to prepare to finish the country And occupation.

He pointed out that the Americans and through their tools Saudi Arabia and the Emirates launched on March 26, 2015 launched the stage of finishing off the people and revolution with their aggression and siege,
He stressed Saudi Arabia’s intention to put an end to the revolution and liberation in Yemen. “I tried to finish off the revolution of September 26, 1962, who tried to abort the 22nd of May.”

He also stressed that the revolution of September 21 came to victory and will not be broken, and praised the Yemeni army and the popular committees and security in their response to aggression.

President stresses the strength of the home front:
“We assure our people of the strength of the internal front and the failure of the best of the enemies to dismantle and tear them apart. We stress the importance of moving away from what disturbs the internal tranquility, including the rationalization of media discourse in order to strengthen steadfastness.

He stressed the need to continue administrative and economic reform and rectify the imbalances in order to ensure access to minimum services and salaries in the current situation, and that priority is to increase steadfastness on the fronts and the security situation.
He reiterated his insistence on the prohibition of rights and freedoms, calling for the maintenance of these rights without discrimination and no more than the law. He renewed the call for the judiciary to exempt some journalists and ordered the release of others after the recent national understandings.
He stressed that whoever works to serve aggression will receive punishment in accordance with the law and the constitution, and is committed to everyone’s commitment to strengthen the internal front.
He pointed out that the Saudi regime exploits the Makkah campus to launch the aggression against Yemen, stressing that on the anniversary of the Prophet’s migration we promise the Messenger of Allah to continue the Koranic revolution.
At the conclusion of the speech, the President thanked the people of Yemen for his honorable presence and thanked the tribesmen for extending the convoys.

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