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Arab Countries Secretly Agree with “Israel” to Support the Secession of Kurdistan

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Sep, 20\ NewNews

The British newspaper “The Times” said that the Arab countries secretly agree with “Israel” to support the secession of Kurdistan, explaining that this comes in line with the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

According to the Times, “Israel” supports the referendum in public, and Saudi Arabia in secret, considering that both countries believe that the secession of Kurdistan will make them enjoy the advantages of having an agent ,  which shares Iran the extended mountain boundaries .

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “Israel supports the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to obtain a state of their own.”

 Statements and attitudes from the UAE officials were released to support the separation of Kurdistan from Iraq, including the President of the Emirates Center for Policy, Ibtisam al-Kutbi, who signed a memorandum of understanding with the region earlier this year 2017 to help organize the referendum process, according to the new Arab site.

She stressed in her statements that if the complete independence of Kurdistan from Baghdad was declared , Abu Dhabi will recognize this independence, according to the claim.

Turkey has called on the largest opposition parties, yesterday, to grant the President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, 24 hours to abandon the referendum on secession, while the Turkish tanks directed their guns towards northern Iraq.

The only comfort to both sides is that the referendum is unlikely to lead to the declaration of independence as an immediate declaration, but to long negotiations with Baghdad, the Times said.

The blatant presence of many competing interests has generally been unhelpful for the Middle East in times of crisis and these voices are unlikely to be silenced now,it added.

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