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The President Meets with the Director of the European Commission Operations

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Sep,18 \NewNews

The head of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad met ,on Sunday, at the presidential palace in Sana’a, the director general of operations of the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid Jean-Louis de Bruyer and his accompanying delegation which is currently visiting Yemen.

The President expressed appreciation for the interaction of the European Commission with the humanitarian situation in Yemen, especially during the current stage in which Yemen is under aggression and siege.

He pointed out to the fundamental differences in Yemen between the previous visit a year ago and the current visit after the intensification of the embargo, the spread of cholera, the transfer of the Central Bank, the continued closure of Sanaa International Airport, targeting the port of Hodeidah and exacerbate crimes and violations of the humanitarian situation and impact on the activity of humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen.

“The continuation of the State in providing support and facilities required by humanitarian work in all areas of Yemen”,confirmed the president.

He also pointed to the importance of the humanitarian organizations’ role in exerting pressure to lift the siege on Yemen, which is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, in addition to the continued aggression in closing Sana’a airport and targeting ports .

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