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Sep , 15 \NewNews

The government of the internationally-recognized President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi accused the UAE forces for the second time of blocking a cargo plane transporting staff salaries from Aden to Sayoun in Hadramout.

The UAE forces prevented a Saudi military plane carrying salaries from leaving Aden airport to Sayoun airport despite obtaining permission from the coalition leadership, a serious challenge from the UAE to Saudi Arabia.

The correspondent monitored the net of Mukhtar Rahbi, Advisor to the Minister of Information of the Government of Hadi re-published a story on his Facebook page had been published by the site, “Aden Net,” a government-affiliated, accuses the UAE to block the payment of salaries.

The site published a story entitled “In a provocation and challenge at Aden airport UAE forces prevent a Saudi military cargo plane from transferring staff salaries from Aden to Sayoun.”

According to the website, the source described the UAE’s behavior as “a provocative step and a clear challenge to Saudi Arabia.” He pointed out that “the

UAE forces controlling the Aden International Airport obstructed the takeoff of a Saudi military cargo plane which was coordinated between the Saudi leadership and the Yemeni legitimacy and with an official statement from the leadership of the Arab Alliance in Riyadh which is to transfer the salaries of the military and civilians were on their way from Aden.

“The flight of the Saudi military plane, which was supposed to carry the salaries of the military and civilians of Hadramout, Al-Mahra, Shabwa and Socotra, was prevented from shipping the salaries after landing at Aden International Airport by the UAE forces and was canceled without explanation of the cancellation of the flight,” the source said.

The source revealed that this source led to “the occurrence of large clashes between the Saudi leadership of the United Arab Emirates in Aden.”

Hadi’s government has already filed a formal indictment, the first of its kind for the UAE, for preventing a cargo plane carrying Russian-printed money from landing at Aden airport.

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