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The Speech of Al-Sayed Abdulmalik Bader Aldeen Al-Huthi in the Anniversary of Imam Ali Martyrdom (Peace Be Upon Him).Thu.23\6\2016

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I seek refuge in Allah from the cursed Satan.

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,

all praise is due to Allah the Lord of the worlds,

and I bear witness that Allah is the only  God ,the King, , the evident truth and I bear witness that the Prophet Muhammad is his servant and the last of the prophets ,

O’Allah  praise  Muhammad and his family and bless Mohammed and his family as you praised and blessed Ibrahim and his family .You are  praised and glorious. And  Oh Allah bless all his companions and all your good slaves. brother and sisters,  our dear Yemeni Muslim people:

peace, mercy and blessing of Allah upon you.

The night of the nineteenth of the month of Ramadan is the anniversary of the harshest memories in the history of our Islamic nation, the anniversary is tragedical and  painful anniversary. This tragedy had huge influences on our Islamic nation which targeted a great servant ,a great guide for the nation and a great person. In the night of nineteenth of Ramadan, a person as prophet described him as the most miserable of the world planned to target the most faithful and the master of guardians ” Ali Ibn Abi-Talib ” (PBUH). This  person planned to target him in his place in Al-Kofah Mosque before Al-fajr prayer during  his heading for  praying. Imam Ali (PBUH) with all what he presented and from his major position in Islam .He was a guide and a leader for the nation, practical model for the nation and the greatest belonging to the Prophet of the nation .A man represented in his movement, in his life, in his attitudes, in his morals, in the values of Islam altogether, demonstrated the great effect of the raising of the Prophet , the impact of the Prophet and the impact of Holy Qur’an in his life and his reality. At the time and in a very sensitive stage of the nation history which the nation need Imam Ali to get benefits from him has been targeted on the night of the nineteenth of the holy month of  Ramdan by the worst man of the nation who would suffer more than the nation itself. This man considered himself as a member in the nation then  committed  this crime,which was felony offense against  Islam ,against the holy Qur’an ,and felony against the whole nation . It was a plot by Umayyad that Prophet (PBUH )told about them that if they were able to take control of the nation, there is no doubt they are turning to the negative and destructive trend for this nation, in its values, morals and principles. They will take the religion of Allah as a cover to deceive people and make them as their slaves to take money and everything they have for themselves  and  relatives. So they created an extremely rich level and an extremely poor one, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described them by that in a very accurate description expressing the level of danger which they presents against  the nation in their history and during their role later along the future of this nation. This description is given by our Prophet( PBUH ). There is no accurate description of it in the expression about the level of danger that those present, the huge danger on the nation in the most important thing  which is the religion of this nation which presented the culture of the nation and the way of life for it.

OF course, the Muslim nation should  build its  reality according to its religion to be derived everything from religion values, morals, the system of its life, its policy and trends.

The religion of this nation should express everything in the nation in their culture, thinking, trends, attitudes and goals, so this is why Umayyad decided targeting Imam Ali(PBUH )and to get rid of him since he was a real guarantee to maintain and  keep the religion of this nation and to integrity of the path of this nation. Also, Imam Ali (PBUH) is an extension of the real bright inherent to Islam with its full pristine, with its light that is never tainted by darkness and with its purity which is not tainted by any pollution. Imam Ali( PBUH) with his importance and with his role in the nation ,Umayyad decided to target him and  remove him  to be able to access the most important position in influencing the nation. This important position is where they can manage the nation, when they reach this position they start moving from there in direction that our Prophet (PBUH) told about to spoil the religion of the nation in enslavement the nation, exclusivity of the wealth and interests of the nation .This represented a disaster and actually represented a huge disaster upon the nation, its effects extend to this day. Therefore, when we remember this anniversary and history, we get lessons and benefits to  correct our status as we are facing risks and challenges. Today we remember Imam Ali (PBUH) the leader and the guide of the nation after its Prophet (PBUH).

In fact Umayyad were an extension of the movement of hypocrisy which had an early activity at all stages of Islam even in the era of the Prophet (PBUH).

But they had the opportunity, as it wasn’t for others. They even had in that particular stage the favorable conditions to reach the source of decision and to the high impact position in the nation.

The holy Qur’an accurate monitored movement of hypocrisy inside the nation and range dramatically monitoring .Holy Qur’an talked about hypocrisy and hypocrites broad and significant description, and maybe their description was strongest than its description the danger of the unbelievers and the enemies from outside the nation .

The movement of the hypocrisy is  inside the nation and here lays the major danger therefore God said about hypocrites  in Holy Quran

They are the enemy,so beware of them; Allah condemns  them; how  deluded they are ?!”

They are the enemy posing a high risk due to his ability of effecting in nation reality from the inside. The movement of hypocrisy from it’s very first day didn’t move directly open and debunked in targeting the Prophet (PBUH) or directly deny the prophecy ,the opposite of that and for that Allah says in  Holy Quran “ When the hypocrites come to you ,they say: we bear witness that you are Allah’s Messenger  .Allah knows that you are his Messenger, and Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are surely liars.”

They are in what refers to the Prophet (PBUH) in believing in Islam, following it and bearing witnesses for Allah and His Messenger . They were clear in introducing themselves under all these titles for that Allah said about them in holy Qur’an “ And there are some people who say: We believe in Allah and the last day; and they are not at all believers. They desire to deceive Allah and those who believe, and they deceive only themselves and they are not aware. In their hearts is sickness. They will have a painful punishment because of their denial. And when it’s said to them, “Do not make trouble on earth, “they say , “We are only reformers.” . Here we find that they are moving under many and varied categories, they may have currents and groups of them a religious character  and so on. That is why even in mosques and prayers tried to implement across it, which means they try to premeditate to recruit the religious obligations and styles to serve their goals, holy Qur’an said about them and a category of them has it’s extension in the nation and all the future of the entire history of the nation .Who said , who have taken mosques, who try to take mosques for their movements as described in Holy Quran “Then there are those who establish a mosque to cause harm ,and disbelief , and disunity among the believers , and as an outpost for those fight Allah and His Messenger. They will swear : “Our intentions are nothing but good.” But Allah bears witness that they are liars” . They tried to make the mosque , it’s platform and  prayers  a starting point to pass through it their ways and their works in breaking up the nation by provoking controversy inside the nation to serve the external enemy by spreading the infidelity and hypocrisy as a religious culture that refer to Islam . These hypocrisy movements moved inside the nation, but the holy Qur’an has had a great attention to erosion, expose, and a critical attitude toward it, therefore Allah threats hypocrites  ,a toughest threat as described in Holy Quran says that “The hypocrites will be in the lowest level of the fire ” – in the worst place in hell, the worst torment in the level of the fire.

Those hypocrites  are many categories and belong  to Islam ,but they always had a destructive role among the nation and inside the nation. They are claiming to be affiliated to Islam with persuading some from Islam.

Allah in his religion and in holy Quran is warning us and stating many marks which expose and display their reality and erosion them by talking of many of their subversive actions and their danger inside the nation  .

The evident marks which reveal the hypocrites and their movements were since the early stage of Islam in the history. One of the most important marks provided by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is Imam Ali “peace be upon him” who is a distinction evident mark between faith and hypocrisy. Thus, his love is a prominent mark of faith and his hatred is a prominent mark of hypocrisy. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)said about Imam Ali: “Any one loves you is a true believer and any one hates you is a true hypocrite.”

Some companions of  prophet Muhammad said: we used to know the real hypocrite of us from his hatred lmam Ali . Imam Ali in his great position is making his love a mark of faith and his hatred a mark of hypocrisy. It reveals for us his great position in Islam. Imam Ali considered a prominent mark in reflecting the standard of the right and the true honest faith and the sincere extension of Islam project which the nation must gather around.

Undoubtedly, Umayyad is the extension for the hypocrisy movement. They were the most active and exploited the opportunity in an appropriate turning and a historical circumstance which made this group of hypocrites play the worst sabotage role that its effects are going to extend to the future of the nation. They reached to the position of judgment, power, and to the most important role in influencing the nation. They did all that after the martyrdom Imam Ali (PBUH).  The martyrdom of Imam Ali(PBUH)  is a result of their plot and conspiracy.

Imam Ali in the first stage of the beginning of the Islamic movement of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)and later in the sensitive stage of the history of the Islamic nation had unique  personality with a great status. He was the student of the prophet who was the most comprehensible . He was very affected by Prophet and his raising for him from the beginning of Islam. He was so closed to the prophet Muhammad more than all other companions and believers. He had a highly receptivity in all sides which made him in general the paragon among all the students of the prophet .

This is what the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) him testified and expressed in more than one place and proved more in the reality by his morals, attitudes ,situations and values , so he was the selected and the perfect believer. He was the best one who was affected very much by the prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qur’an.

If you want to know the Islamic marks and the Islamic project presented in real movement  in its principles , morals ,values, and its affecting in education , you will never find  any student of the prophet’s students as Imam Ali (PBUH). Therefore, the nation is really in need to read about the life of Imam Ali and to get benefits. We will see how Imam Ali helped Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and Islam in facing challenges and threats .No one helped and triumphed for Islam as Imam Ali. So no one has a status in Islam as Imam Ali.

The History is witness all what is said earlier, and these are the most popular facts of what are being known about Imam Ali . Imam Ali had a great, main distinguished role in all the major incursions of Islam including the battle of Badr which happened in Ramadan. However, when we read the expression mentioned in Holy Qur’an, we find that it is the best which can make us understand and comprehend very much the great role of Imam Ali in supporting the prophet Muhammad, the right and Islam.

There is a Quranic text expresses and presents this in the finest expression, furthermore, it describes Imam Ali in a great and finest description. First , Holy Qur’an addresses the prophet’s wives after that it talks about a general issue. The general meaning of  ayah in Qur’an is that Imam Ali follows Allah, Gabriel, the angels and he takes over all the good believers. Personally, I haven’t ever read or heard about such a great status like the one of Imam Ali expressed in holy Qur’an.


The Prophet Muhammad )PBUH( came into a strange world full of oppressions  and forces of evil. Moreover, this evil power with all its potentials, oppression, gnarl, arrogance and illiteracy moved strongly to target the Prophet of Islam and his divine message, but Allah was always with him and sustained him. He sent him with the righteous religion to spread all over the world. Allah is his guardian, rhomb and supporter. Allah was the great supporter and the guardian to the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It’s enough that Allah supports and aids the Prophet ,and among all of the aids and supports to this Prophet it was the angle “Jibril”.

Jibril was also in the side of the Prophet(PBUH). His role was confirmed by the Holy Quran, and it was more than delivering the divine message to the Prophet. It was wider role and after this role comes role of good believers  to stand aside by the Prophet (PBUH) on the ground, in the field of movement to meet the challenges and risks.

It’s an important position; Jabril and the righteous believer. What a great position was given to one among all the believers. Among them there was an influential, extraordinary, and distinguished position. It was the most elevated, dignified and highest position to Allah . The righteous believer, who was the righteous believer?

All narrators and reality confirmed that Imam Ali is the righteous believer. Allah gave him such a merit, attribute, such a great description which represents him among the believers as the most faithful , the highest position, the best to Allah, and the best in real actions which support the Prophet (PBUH), and bring victories to Islam. He was the savior soldier of the Prophet (PBUH). He was the most effective and efficient soldier in confronting the enemies, risks and challenges. The righteous believer and the thereafter the angels are his reinforcements.

We see that Allah is the Greatest, the most Merciful, the most Generous knows his creation servants, knows  their efforts, appreciates their efforts, thanks their worship, reward their good deeds and grants them their ranks. Allah gave Imam Ali high rank and high level considering  as the true extension and a distinguishing sign for the true Islam and faith in facing the hypocrisy.

It’s not enough to talk about the whole life of Imam Ali here ,  in one night or in one anniversary . His life is lessons which should be taught . His life is compatible with all people , all their life levels and in all their different circumstances . In every action we find   lessons and solutions from Imam Ali’s life . He inspires us of what he said and did  , and  how should we be real believers with values and morals of Islam . Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that Ali’s stature to him is like Haroon’s  stature  to Prophet  Mousa,  however , there is no prophet after me . There is no body has a stature as him . His great position is an extension for prophecy massage as teacher , leader , and guidance to the history and to the future of the nation , so his great position is a great model for real Islam in which the nation can get benefits . No matter how much liars  who claim to be Muslims and present themselves as applied models trying to convince the others to follow them and be affected by them . As Muslims , you can see how Imam Ali was with the prophet , with Quran ,with Islamic principles ,and values. Ali’s stature didn’t  come from being  as a Muslim , follower , or soldier , but as guidance which is an extension for prophet knowledge and guidance as prophet (PBUH)  said ” I am the city of the knowledge and Ali is its door “ .Also, “Ali is with Quran , and Quran is with Ali” .It is an extension of his pairing  with Quran. Also ,Prophet (PBUH) said ” Ali is with the right , and the right is with Ali “ . It is an extension of his pairing with the right .  So Muslims in their relation with Imam Ali is  the real guarantee for the real extension for pure Islam. Umayyad is the real extension for hypocrisy . They worked to take Imam Ali away . They hated him and hated his real faith . They worried of his representing the real extension of real faith and pure Islam , so they take him away. The moment of his martyrdom was a big strike for Muslims . It concealed the Islamic Project to be performed and applied by the nation .

The most important project is the Nation Affairs Management which is project for life . Islam doesn’t mean only religious in mosques . Islam is a program for life which has educational project for humans. The project has morals , instructions and principles to build this nation. An important project like this became lateral and marginalز ÷ف e lateral and marginal t lotion.. The Islamic project is presented by the outsider  nation . This is what really happened to our nation because  conflicts have been happened  between the Nation Affairs Management and the Nation Decision.

The Islamic Project is being kept and saved as intellectual and cultural situation which is found a little in the nation , but this is not what Allah wants , his prophet worked for and Quran program is . Umayyad targeted the nation at the decision position , they moved at the paths which told by the prophet. Hypocrisy movement never intend to cancel  the Islam totally , it built  mosques ,writing and copying Quran . Hypocrisy movement believes that there is no God but Allah and his prophet is Mohammed (PBUH) , It  destroyed   the Islamic quintessence ,so it hasn’t any problem with the formality of Islam . It intends to corrupt the nation religiously  by changing some Islamic concepts into new ones which never relate to Islam. These new concepts are compatible with their desires , their greedy and their power . In addition, changing the   real meaning of some religious texts ; the words of the texts are the same , but they introduce another meaning whether the texts are prophecy texts  or from Quran. The way of distortion is fabrication and defamation. They created and fabricated  Hadiths of Prophet Mohmmad (PBUH)  and texts about him (PBUH). This way of distortion saved  the texts  but gave another meaning for it . Another way of distortion is giving explanations for Quran which are away from the real meaning.

For example, when you read verses of Al- Jihad in Holy Quran , the verses are true and its significance is clear, but it have been used to provoke mutts to serve American and Israel in hitting the nation, to hit Muslims, to denial the truth .This is one of the examples and there are many examples, generally they worked on this side on the distortion of the religious concepts widely in the nation reality, so lots of misconceptions, blended and distorted concepts spread among the nation which wears truth with falsehood.  This huge ado in the culture heritage of the nation has been used today by any stray , by any criminal and by any delusive. They find  what to say as gossipping and transmission of speeches from all sides to corrupt  religion in the nations reality . They hit the nation  which know  Islam principles, values and morals of Islam in their values and morals then the general reality for Muslims are living in huge gap. Who made this gap in our Islamic generations?. If the educational and informative, educational and structural extension in the nation was an extension for  the movement of Islam since its first day in the movement of the Prophet (PBUH), it would be better and move toward the natural and normal movement . While the dysfunctional movement moves and extends to the worse, therefore this gap  increased clearly at the nation reality .When did it start? Who is the founder of this beginning? Who made this beginning? So it played  role and found  a best chance . Umayyad movement took the religion  as a corruptive and today  the nation is suffering from the confusion of lots of concepts as moral and value gap. It is not a result of our time,  a result for this generation or the last generation, but  it’s an extension for centuries of growing and growing until it reached this point.

If a person comes to see a lot of  interferences , he’ll find that it have reached everything in the nation till reach the system of governments  and everything in it, a large and spacious distortion and significantly affected in the reality of the nation.  The second issue that they used the religion of Allah for corruption and made His slaves as their slaves . Umayyad found  slavery, humiliation and tyranny, they made the nation as their slaves perform and implement what they want, and they want a nation with no dignity, no liberty  and with no independency only obeys the order of  the unjust Sultan . A nation who supposed to be domesticated for tyrants and oppressors, therefore this is a tragedy and a disaster of the greatest in Islam. The holiest of what in Islam and the highest of what in Islam is that Islam builds a free nation that never subject except for God , also never accept to be subjected to angels ,Prophets, people or monks. Umayyad created fear and submission in the nation reality to make it live in a slavery case for them and total compliance while Umayyad didn’t adhere Islam principles neither Islam morals nor values of Islam  .

They enforced  the nation to live a life that even our prophet Mohammad(PBUH)never accept his nation to be slaved . He never deal with people as slaves . He made himself and people servants  only for Allah .He is the first Muslim and the first in following  Allah’s instructions. He is as Allah describes him in Holy Quran “Blessed is He who sent down the criterion upon his servants, to be  a warning to humanity “. Also “praise be to God , who revealed the book to his servant”. He is the most who worshipped  Allah.

But a case of concepts distortion , case of tyranny , case of people enslavement have reached to our period . A lot of  systems these days are an extension for  Umayyad  System which was a system of enslavement , tyranny and hypocrisy . These systems follow this trait in completely compatible with the enemies of our nation . They become compatible with America , Israel , and all the nations’ enemies in their conspiracies in targeting and striking our nation . Today , hypocrisy movement is compatible with modern systems which are an extension for Amoy system .It compatible with enemies in their conspiracies , and their relationships has exposed as Allah describes them in Holy Quran “inform the hypocrites ” . What kind of informing is expected for hypocrites ?!! . Paradise ! pride !. Allah says in Holy  Quran ” They will have a painful punishment ” .

The problem for those who take disbelievers as friends instead of the believers  is hostile problem ” severe enmity and hateful” . Also those who take disbelievers as friends have negative attitude toward  Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb who is the master and the greatest of believers . Those are compatible with disbelievers and with the nation’s enemies in their conspiracies against the nation. They have strong relationship with enemies. They work together in cooperation , loyalty , and in harmony to strike the nation  which they belong to it . The modern hypocrisy movement is completely compatible with the nation’s enemies and targeting the nation in all its components.

Some Arabic systems alliance with Israel , and make it as friend , and  from Arabic components and powers as main enemies .This is a hypocrisy case as described in Holy Quran. Hypocrisy is dangerous on Muslim , on Palestine issue and on Palestinians . Despite they are sunni , hypocrisy is dangerous on them.

Today, Imam Ali  is the real extension for Islam who reveals the hypocrisy movement . Hypocrisy movement can compatible with some people , but couldn’t compatible with Imam Ali . It can compatible with  Umayyad. This thing is so clear in their curriculum and in Saudi Arabia as The Cultural Orientation  Intellectual which  is antagonizing Imam Ali (PBUH) . It degrades his stature depending on Al-Wahbi doctrine which has a clear attitude against Imam Ali (PBUH) .

A lot of them feel uncomfortable when they hear anyone talk about Imam Ali ( PBUH) . The most important thing that many texts by the prophet (PBUH) mentioned Ali  as

*You are so close to me as Haroon’s stature to Mousa , but there is no prophet after me .

*No one love you unless he is believer , and never hate you unless he is hypocrisy .

*If I am the master of Muslim , Ali also will be  the Muslims’ master.

*Also AL-Ghadeer story .

Many texts clarify the stature of  Imam Ali , and how much they need him . The most important thing in this anniversary is to realize how it is important to go back to Imam Ali who has great stature in Islam as guidance, teacher and leaders. His position is an application form for Islam and in facing challenges and risks. Today , what the vulnerable have faced risks , challenges and conspiracies by tyrannies , they really need to get benefits from Imam Ali’s life. His is faith , power , strong will and awareness are enough to make the nation has strong attitude which satisfy Allah and his prophet (PBUH) ,and has completely compatible with Quran . Imam Ali (PBUH) expressed his strong resistance and his brave in his massage to Egyptian when he said ” I sware if I meet them ?” . He spoke about meeting enemies alone . We can get a lot of benefits from him . He is a completely school as he added “Even if all the castles are full and come from every mountain hill and every place , I will not fear or feel lonely .” This is the real faith which makes person resist and feel calm whatever the challenges and risks are. These are the most important things  which we can get benefits from  Imam  Ali . We must work to be awareness with right vision , to be sure we are right .

I miss meeting Allah.  This means I am not greedy in life or in ruling for personal reasons ,  I feel sorry of the nation’s case who is ruling by libertines or evils .Also, this is what Imam Ali feared of ,and felt sorry for it . They exploit the public money for themselves , so most of the nation are poor .

One of the most sorrowful cases in the reality of the nation is poverty . Poverty is a tool to corrupt the nation and to exploit them . It’s one of the most unfair aspects and corruption factors . It’s a result for the exploitation by tyrannies and evils. They exploit the public money and the nation’s fortune. They leave the nation suffers from poverty and misery . If they find anyone virtuous , they will target him with all ways . In addition , they create a corruption party to strike and target the nation in everything. Do you see how your countries are invaded?!!. You must go immediately fighting your enemy, you must not be lazy , or you will lose. The nation’s  giving up  is the main reason for its degradation  , and being under the controlling of evils , despots, and hypocrites.

Our Yemeni people has great relation with Imam Ali . As mentioned in the history when the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) sent three delegations to Yemen , and in every delegate , Imam Ali had a main mission . In one of the delegation , most of Yemenis believed in Islam by Imam Ali in addition to Hamdan tribe who believed  in one day. I want to say that our Yemeni identity is         loving Ali is from Islam and his hatred is hypocrisy . We are  wisdom  Yemenis , and loving Ali is deep in Yemenis identity and in their hearts .They keep and save their original identity which depend on their Islamic identity .

Our great people’s loving for Imam Ali is obvious  by their allegiance for him. They were conquerors for sake of Islam , and they stood beside  Imam Ali .  One of the most great supporter for Imam Ali is Amar Bin Yasser and Malek Al-Ashter who are from Yemen . We have to get benefits from his resistance , his power ,his brave and his faith in facing the challenges especially we are targeted by evil forces in their trying to occupy our country and slave us .

We are oppressed , but whatever our oppressing issue is , with our faith , our values , our brave , our remarkable scholars in Islam as Imam Ali , and with our loving our prophet (PBUH) we can face challenges. In this holy month and from this anniversary , we can get benefits from Allah’s guidance to increase our awareness , power ,patience , and our strong will in facing challenges and risks whatever they are .

I want to tell the forces of the aggression, whatever your tyranny is, whatever your plots are, we will go and face the aggression from our values, from our principles .It is not political tactics or from formality things. No …. we go and move from the depth of what we have inherited from the faith, values, moral and civiliztion , and we have all these symbols as prophets, after  prophets; Muslims  are faithful, strong, courage and unafraid.

We are oppressed, as we have issue ; we can face your aggression, so it is better for you to stop your aggression, aggression which is not completely unwarranted and unjust aggression. This aggression is against Yemen faith, against  one of the best nations  and one of  the best countries .  The aggression is committing  terrible and heinous  massacres and crimes as the last crime in Al-Qobaidha. The continuing in these crimes will have bad consequences even if  the head is  America. Hypocrites think the honor is to be slaves and supporters for America. Allah describes them in every period  in Holy Quran  (Do they seek glory in them) them means the unbelievers (All glory belongs to Allah), Allah is the most precious , the strongest ,the greatest and the greatest. Whatever your reassuring to America is ,being protected  by America, and the main role of America in this aggression, I swear to Allah that the consequences in all that you did and all crimes you have committed are losing. We say that and we certainty confident in the promise of Allah.

Whatever our suffering , our people’s suffering  and whatever the events , there are large fluctuations .But the biggest fluctuations that Allah will do on you because you disbelieve the graces that Allah made it for you,  you don’t thank Allah and you show off yourself because of  your money . The result is tyranny, arrogance and injustice that is unparalleled, and the ugly crimes that never happened before against Muslim people.

I ask our people to be cautious  ,vigilant ,  to go to the battle fronts to support the fronts and to take care of it.

We introduced  all the necessary visions , did our best to solve this problem, and our delegation to Kuwait introduced  many concessions. Some of which are unfair to our people, but to stop air strikes ,we have provided for those all what they want, but their tyranny and greed increased. Their demands have become large and unfair , and day after day they demanded the surrender and humiliation of  the Yemeni people and this is impossible.

The solutions are possible and fair, and we have lots and many solutions .If  they want  solutions , we will be ready, and if they want to continue the aggression , we  depend  on Allah and Allah will help us.

As much as our readiness for peace, we must always be in response to the aggression of each plots and Allah will be with us as a protector and helper.

We ask  Allah to have mercy on our martyrs and to be with Imam Ali (PBUH), and all martyrs of Islam in all Islam phases .Also We ask Allah to heal our wounded and  free our prisoners, and to grant victory to our oppressed people on  tyrants, arrogant and invaders .He listens to our supplication.


Peace Be Upon You ,,,,,

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