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The leader of the Yemeni revolution of Ansarullah, Abdulmalik Badruddin al-Houthi, said that the crimes and genocide against the Muslims in Burma are encouraged by the U.S. and armed by Israel, stressing that the US refuses to hold the Burma regime responsible.

The Leader of Ansarullah Asyed ” Abdulmalik Badir Aldein Alhuthi “

In a speech on Saturday marking the anniversary of Al Ghadeer’s day, Sayyed Houthi asked: “Where are the organizations who claim to be representing Islam from the oppression taking place against the Muslims of Burma, where are the Saudi as well as the UAE regimes from what is happening?!”

Mr. Abdul-Malik also said that the U.S. is intervening today in the details of the world’s affairs, and is the one formulating the world’s program so that its interests are paramount.

The main points of Asyed Abdulmalik Bader Alhouthi Speech on  Al-Ghadeer Celebration 1438: 

1- Adherence day is the day that Allah completed religion , his grace and accept Islam to be our religion .

2-This day deserve to celebrate it and thanks Allah for this grace.

3-The anniversary of Adherence Day  is not an emergency or a heresy event , our people  have accustomed to celebrate this great anniversary .

4-Reviving this day is to save our prophet (PBUH) message to shift between the nation from generation to generation.

5- Three months before our Prophet’s death , Allah ordered him to convey a message which was  Imam Ali’s Adherence.

6-Adherence event happened during  our prophet’s returned to Almadina after finishing the farewell  Haj in the tenth of year of migration .

7- Sensitivity of  Adherence  issue throughout history makes us feel how it is dangerous at the time of the Prophet (PBUH) .

8-Our prophet (PBUH) gathered thousands of Muslims including Imam Ali who were with him during his returning from Haj in a area named “Ghdeer Khom” and called on Adherence Hadith  .

9-Muslims are a targeted nation and there no warranty to face all challenges except to gather their words on the truth and right .

10-Where are the role of Arabian regimes to prevent the tragedy of Burma ?!!
Where are the regimes of the US and KSA toward of all massacres against Burma Muslims ?!!

11-What have been happened in Burma is under USA encouragement and Israel arming . US is refusing to blame Burma regime .

12-Today , American intervenes in the details of the nation’s affairs , and it is the one who formulate its program to make its interests above all considerations.

13- I confirm for our Yemeni people that our internal units and resistance are under targeting especially at this current time and there are a massive efforts to strike us to facilitate the way to the enemies to occupy our country  .

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