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Top Political Council approve a package of decisions and economic reforms

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18 / September / 2016

Sanaa – Saba:

Top Political Council approved at its meeting today in Sana’a, headed by Chairman of the Board Mr. Saleh Alsmad with the presence of the Vice President of the Council, Dr. Qasim Labuza, a package of decisions, economic and financial reforms in the field of public service through the matrices provided by the committees formed by the ministries and departments concerned.

Where the top of the political council approved the completion of the procedures and the adoption of functional performance reports as a fundamental criterion for promotions and continue to processors to ensure reforms of public office, according to the laws and strategies approved.

The meeting stressed the importance of completing the treatment benefits of financial and arrears for the State to individuals and private and public institutions and mixed during the coming period, and the activation of customs control in accordance with the Customs Law and the placement of the entry and exit and unloading petroleum products in accordance with the mechanism set out in the Customs Act and its implementing decisions and instructions issued by the Customs Department in this regard.

The meeting also approved to begin the demarcation of all cars in the various provinces of the republic and the issuance of a decision by the Council of the perpetrators in the Cabinet to establish a mechanism to regulate it.

Top of the Political Council pointed to the concerned authorities to quickly solve the problem of goods abandoned years ago in customs ports, according to the law governing it, the speed of reform the fourth area in the port of Hodeida and repair the damaged areas due to the bombing by the airstrikes of the aggression and return it to work.

Council instructed the Office of the Presidency of the Republic to form a body for prisoners and missing persons and prepare a draft so.

The top of the political council thanked the individual, collective and institutional efforts made to achieve the highest career service and the security and stability of performance grades and securing public tranquility during the Eid al-Adha holiday, which been disturbed only by the aerial bombing by the US F-16, which affected innocent civilians in homes and public roads.

Council reiterated its condemnation of such acts of barbarism and the continuation of the bombing of Air aggression of factories, laboratories and commercial infrastructure. Saying they are installed crimes will not be time-barred.

Top Political Council praised the achievements by the army and people’s committees at all battlefronts and reflected by the ability of the Yemeni solitary purely to preserve the sovereignty and dignity of Yemen, and complete the task of the independence of the national decision and to preserve the unity of the people and the land in front of the new imperialist attack.

The Council expressed its thanks and appreciation to local leaders, sheikhs, dignitaries and wise men in all regions who are a vital and pivotal role in the face of the aggression and siege, media and economic war and the strengthening of public security and social stability.

Also the Council noted the vital and essential role played by the men of the national economy Liberals and the incarnation of initiatives worthy of praise, appreciation and history will record them in the face of economic aggression in all its forms and the enormous sacrifices they are always making in order to stabilize the economic situation and maintain the money flow and the exchange rate and the stability of the commodity situation in the market.

The political council of top had reviewed work and reports of previous sessions agenda and what has been accomplished them.


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