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Sep , 8\ NewNews

In Geneva, Mohammad Ali Alnsour, the Chief of the UN Human Rights Office for the Middle East and North Africa not only called the conflict in Yemen a man-made catastrophe, but called it “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world as a result of combination of conflict, cholera, and food insecurity.”

Between March 2015 and the end of last month’s airstrikes, the Saudi-led coalition has been the leading cause of civilian casualties including countless children. Since the start of the conflict, over 10,000 people have been killed with millions being driven out of their homes. However, there has been some talk of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman wanting out of Yemen.

Mohammad Bin Salman was the mastermind of the war against the Houthis in Yemen. Now after more than two years of Saudi Arabia’s continuous military engagement, last month’s e-mail leaks from the new Crown Prince and Defense Minister show that the Saudis want out of the war. The war has spread epidemics like famine and cholera throughout Yemen and it appears that the Houthis seem far from being defeated.

The war in Yemen has cost the Saudi government billions of dollars and with a global drop in oil prices, they have been forced to take austerity measures for the first time in many years, but getting out of Yemen will not be easy. The new heir must somehow reach an agreement with the Houthis to guarantee that the internationally recognized President Abdullah Mansour Hadi will not be overthrown. The e-mail between Mohammad bin Salman and former U.S senior officials suggest that diplomacy must be the only solution to the crisis.

The war in Yemen has not only taken a toll on Saudi Arabia, but it has also taken a toll on Yemen itself. There should now be an understanding in Riyadh that this war in Yemen has been a massive failure, some people even call this catastrophe Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam.

There have been tragedies on both sides of the border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, but one should not shy away from the fact that Yemen is facing a famine and cholera crisis because of Saudi Arabia’s inhumane blockade, and constant carpet bombings of the world’s poorest countries.

In addition, you cannot really compare the resistance movements to Saudi aggression because the Saudis are not the victims of this war, and how can they broker peace if they have a coalition that intentionally targets innocent civilians with calls from the United Nations and other international organizations calling for an end to the violence? Communities are dying, people are dying on the ground, and it is time for the Saudis and all sides of the conflict to face reality.

If the Saudis do not find a way out of its war in Yemen, then they would be derelict in their responsibilities as a major player that enhances stability in the region. In addition, Riyadh also needs to move away from a military solution and work towards a political settlement. This will need to require a lot of international assistance and collaboration with all the actors in the country to seek an investment in restoring security and stability to Yemen as well as to Saudi Arabia, which is ostensibly the reason why this war began when the Saudis and the Emiratis intervened in March 2015.

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