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The President of the Supreme Political Committee Visits the Battlefronts in Aljawf Province

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AL-Jawf Province:


The president of the Supreme Political Committee, “Saleh Alsammad” , visits the battlefronts in Aljawf Province where he was briefed by the commanders , supervisors and fighters on the ongoing battles and victories of the brave men of the army and popular committees. Alsammad, on behalf of the Supreme Political Committee cabinet members, wished the fighters the best on the occasion of Eid. Alsammad expressed how proud the Yemeni people inside the country and abroad are of the bravery, heroism, honor, pride and strong faith that these fighters have demonstrate. With very limited resources but with unlimited faith in Allah, they were able to confront injustice and tyranny to achieve independence from all kinds of occupation and custody in all its forms. Alsammad told the fighters that when Yemen finally was able to break free form the power figures that  Saudi-American aggression had invested in since the sixties of the last century, the coalition of evil powers formed a desperate aggression on Yemen to invade it and break it apart. However, you and the blood of the martyrs had the last word that is, Yemen will always be free and independent. Alsammad added, “the legendary steadfastness has puzzled all enemy and foe. With so little equipment, numbers and weapons you are facing armies of a coalition of some of the strongest nations in the world. With their filthy money, Saudi and UAE have hired all kinds of mercenaries and hired guns from all around the world, but unfortunately for them, you were able to crush them under your bare feet. You, then moved the fight into the enemies territories ; the territories of the enemies of world peace and incubator of Al-Qaida and ISIS.” He told the commanders that the enemy has military, political and economic objectives from invading and occupying Marib and Aljawf Provinces. They also intend to facilitate the control of Al-Qaida and ISIS, destroy the infrastructure and commit atrocities in our country. Such hyenas goals can never be imposed on a nation that fears no one but Allah and believes in its freedom that is granted by its righteous moderate faith. He confirmed to the fighters and commanders that their spirit of steadfastness gives the Yemeni people faith and courage to resist and withstand all the troubles of the political and economic blockade. He praised the fighters’ exemplary decency and nobility in their actions and behavior in the battlefields. The fighters and their commanders in Aljawf expressed their gratitude and honor for the visit of the president of the Supreme Political Committee to the frontlines which strengthens their confidence in the national political leadership that will fight the political battle for the internal unity and work to fill the political void and form a government that will see the country through. A government that will achieve the hopes and aspirations that the braves fighters gave their souls to help make come true. They said, “this is the price that this generation willingly paid in absolute faith.” The warriors extended their best wishes to the leadership and all the cabinet members and confirmed their resoluteness and steadfastness in all the battlefronts until Yemen is victorious as it deserves to be and allegiance to the sacrifices that have been made.


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