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Millions of Muslim pilgrims performing annual Hajj rituals and Saudi uses it as political tools

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Aug ,31 \NewNews

Over two million Muslims from all over the world are performing the multi-stage Hajj pilgrimage at Islam’s holiest sites in Saudi Arabia.

In one of the first rites of Hajj, which formally started on Wednesday, white-clad pilgrims take their turn circling seven times around the Kaaba, which is considered Islam’s most sacred shrine, located at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca.

Wearing the simple garb of the pilgrimage, pilgrims continue to perform the mandatory rituals one by one until Monday.

Muslims can also perform the Umrah or Lesser Pilgrimage at other times of the year, but that is no substitute for the Tamattu pilgrimage, which is currently underway in Saudi Arabia.

Based on Islamic rules, every Muslim possessing the necessary physical and financial capabilities is obligated to perform the Tamattu pilgrimage once in his or her lifetime over a five-day period from the eighth to the 12th of Dhu al-Hijjah, the 12th and last month on the lunar calendar.

Saudi Arabia , which oversees and manages Islam’s two holiest sites in Mecca and Medina , Using Hajj pilgrimage as political tools.

Yemen and Qatar has called on Saudi Arabia to lift all restrictions on Qatari hajj pilgrims as the row over arrangements for the religious event intensifies

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