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The main points of Asyed : Abdulmalik Bader-adain Alhouthi Speech in front of Yemeni wise men 19 .8. 2017

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The main points of Asyed : Abdulmalik Bader-adain Alhouthi Speech in front of Yemeni wise men 19 .8. 2017

Asyed :Abdulmalik Alhouthi , The leader of the 21, September revolution

*Since Ramdan Holy month ,we have done our efforts  to make a prominent  role for  the wise people in purpose of preventing the political forces of  controlling the country affairs

*We have realized that the facing the aggression needs a strict attitude , ongoing efforts from all of us to stop taking the internal front apart

*Some of the political forces have not interacted with required role in confronting the US-KSA aggression

*It is every one’s right to have  a role in  confronting the aggression and saving the unity of the internal front

*We stress on the main role of the wise people and to do their responsibility

*Every one recognize what the US-KSA aggression has committed against Yemeni people , killing and blockading . with  the resistance of our people , the aggression has failed to achieve any of its political aims.

*Our people resistance has great impact in foiling a lot of the invaders’ plans

*We are at the beginning of serious period, the aggression forces have felt bored as result of its ongoing failure at all level

*The aggression forces aim to follow a new plans to go out of its failure .

*The new aggression’s plans have new military tracks  at the same time of targeting the internal front .

*Targeting the internal fronts with stirring the internal conflicts and highlighting  secondary interests to occupy  the nation’s attention away of facing the aggression

*There are a lot of the aggression activities that aim to hit the internal front by breakthrough  the components and buying their loyalty to make it   appropriate  with minor issues instead of confronting the aggression

*We are beside the Yemeni wise men in doing their duties at all levels

*There are massive activity to freeze and stop the internal front and to empty the battle front and enable the enemy to attack it

*The suspicious inside some parties and components work to ease the difficulties for the enemy to achieve their goals

*The neutrality in a battle which led to occupy our country is not acceptable . The neutrality in this case means escaping from responsibility

*We felt optimistic when  the Supreme Political Council and the government formed to activate the government’s performance ,and we hope to continue . We request a popular role to monitor the performance of the government institution .

*Of course ,there are big obstacles which prevent the government of doing its duties properly as result of the aggression and siege , however , we will not accept unless the government do its efforts in best way  .

*The people are being deceived that the  government is formed only from Ansarullah

*I am confident that Ansarullah are the least component at the government institutions. They represent only 1%

*As our country has faced and suffered the US-KSA aggression, We spend our efforts in facing and confronting it .

*Ansarullah is responsible beside the others in facilitate the country affairs

*It is unfair to make Ansarullah the only responsible for the any disruption in the country

*Supervision systems are failing and weak as well never do its duties properly . It needs to repair its track but some does not want this to be .

*This period is not a period of election but a period of attacks .

*Some needs censorship systems to be paralyzed and weak

*I am not a man of speech , but a man of deeds . I will stand beside you to enforce the others to accept  activating the censorship systems , stopping the corruption

*There is no any protection for the corrupted whether from Ansarullah or from other components as well we will not accept to be protected by the General people’s congress

*We demand to repair the judgment to follow the traitors. Some try to restrict the system and prevent any procedures to servicing the system .

*Some give traitors chances to go to Riyadh , be with aggression on its country and have back in Sana’a that no one can trial them

*Thousands of hundreds of Yemenis have killed . Is their blood permissible that no one can trial traitors?

*I insist on working with Yemeni wise men in trial the traitors .

*judges never do their duties properly  . Some judges work with the aggression’s coalition , some are bribing while many others work just for political purposes

*Some parliamentaries are meeting with Bin Salman without any punishment procedures against them which is not acceptable at all .

*We are suffering of stabbing at the back despite we move to face the aggression sincerely .

*Some open his legs to put one inside the country and the other one outside so that he will go with good side .

*You must visit the martyrs’ tombs . Watch who they are ? ,Where they are ??

*You must go to the battle fronts to how the Yemeni popular committees fight with barefoot and only have one suit

*The enemy’s annoying indicates the side that stands in front of its aggression

*We are not monsters ,we men of sacrifices . I am ready to present my head to defend our country and our people .

*We always cooperate with peace solutions, not  solutions of surrender

*We are men of Islam and peace not of surrendering .  Surrender has not men but chicken

*We accept honorable solutions which save our country dignity ,freedom and stability

*If they want to bargain between “freedom and slavery” , and “stability and subordination” , we will not accept .This is our principles

*Anyone want to surrender ,it is his choice , but most of our people are not accept with surrendering at all .

* We will never  sell , buy or bargaining with our country dignity

*Yemeni wise men role is to save the internal unity , facing bargainers and vandals

*Yemeni Wise men has a role in supporting the government to do its duties ,and any one obstruct  must be stopped.

*The enemy will not accept initiatives without surrendering ,so our people must resist and be steadfas.

*I hope with the helping of wise men ,the government could  deliver salaries before Eid Aladha

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